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Not Arthritis

I was diagnosed with childhood arthritis and have just learned to accept the pain. Now my doctor tells me I do not have arthritis, but gives me no reason for the pain. I have constantly aching joints, but after any exercise I am fine until I stop then my joints will all but seize up.

As I have said, I have learned to live with the pain (I am now in my sixties) but would like to know why I am in pain and if there is any relief possible.

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Hello tangobob and welcome to the group! We hope you find the community here helpful. I am sorry to hear about your experience with chronic pain and it's impressive to hear of your resilience and learning to live with it (arthritis or not arthritis). We always advise people to speak to their doctors for diagnosis matters - but perhaps seeing a physical therapist (osteo, physio,etc) might be helpful regardless of what your GP is now saying?

We offer subsidised appointments with our Associated Practitioners, a network of UK-based affiliated physical therapists, which our Members can see twice per membership year (subsidy up to the cost of £30 each session). For more information see here:

We wish you all the best and keep up the good work of managing your pain!


Arthritis Action's Communications Officer


If it's not unduly intrusive, did your GP tell you this after some recent imaging or blood work? Or was it a remark made in response to something else?

Have you had any referrals to a pain clinic to assist with your pain management?


He sent me for a blood test. The results came back and he said you don't have arthritis.


OK - I'm baffled. Rheumatoid Arthritis can be confirmed by some blood tests (even then, it's possible to have the variety known as seronegative - where none of the distinctive blood factors are present) but it can't be ruled out purely by blood tests.

There are >100 varieties of inflammatory arthritis and many of these don't have particularly distinctive blood test results - they tend to be clinical diagnoses, assessing people's joints, levels of redness, inflammation, swelling, self-reports etc.

Osteoarthritis, by and large, doesn't have blood tests associated with it. So, I'm surprised this can be ruled out.

Do you have any idea what the tests were?

Is it practical for you to ask for a print out of what the blood tests were and the results (with the reference ranges)? You're entitled to request your results with at most, a charge for printing it for you, if the results were made available in the last 40 days, otherwise, you might need to pay a little more.

It does sound like you need a chat about this with your GP. There is a separate Pain Concern forum on HU where you might be able to ask for advice or read previous posts about dealing with chronic pain (tho' you've obviously been managing well for a very long time).

If you can, you might ask your GP for a referral to a pain clinic.


Hi sorry you are still in pain. Have you had bloods taken for rheumatoid factor? Also serum c reactive protein levels which can show any inflammation in the body. Depending on these results, ask your GP to refer you to a specialist consultant. Do let us know how you get on.


Ps. Yes you are entitled to ask for a printout of any blood results, or copies of letters sent to your GP from specialists.


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