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I feel like I'm getting worse

With the past few weeks my arthritis has been acting up. My joints in my fingers hurt real bad. Bad enough that I can't bend them without the pain shooting through my hands. My knees and hip are also acting up. With my hip I hurt when I standing and sitting right now. The pain is also going down the same leg again. I feel like going to doctor appointments are a waste of time if the doctor's do nothing to help me. But having this pain is also causing me to loose sleep. I toss and turn every night , with out fail. My feet have also been bothering me do to arthritis I'm my feet too. I'm finding staying off my feet helps me but acts back up when I stand up again. It's hell getting older especially if I have to deal with arthritis pain every single day all day. I need comfort again .Where is it? Has anyone found how to be comfortable, when dealing with arthritis pain ?

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JD, I am so sorry you're hurting and I can well understand it. But I can't comprehend why your doctor is clueless about your condition.

Biological therapies can target different proteins - ask the 'alleged' professional about these:

Abatacept, Rituximab, and Tocilizumab. See if any of them help. It's YOUR body, your pain and these £100,000 a year GP's should truly work for their money and patients.

Take care, Sookie

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Hi JDQuinne75

I understand how you are feeling.

I have osteoporosis in all of my joints and osteoporosis. The pain you describe is like mine and I was told by my GPS that I have got to come to terms with my condition and they can do no more for me.

I find the weather plays a big part in how well I feel. If it is damp and cold I can hardly move, but if it's warm and sunny it makes a difference. I have actually been told to go abroad and live. If only they gave that on prescription.

I also get fed up of taking pain medication but I do take a tablet called Arcoxia 90mg and without this I couldn't get out of bed at all. It doesn't stop the pain but gives enough relief to manoeuvre.

Have a word with your GPS about your meds and see what can be done.

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Hey Cindy, I tried using crutches some time ago when I was having a bad day and it only made things worse with my shoulders. I'm not to crazy about the thought of using a cane. With this winter around the corner I have the fear that it's going to worse than last winter. I'm feeling it in my hips and knees results this morning . Days like this I stay on the couch a lot because of the way I feel. With this being in my feet too I have all I deal at one point I'll probably have to a fusion. My right feels the worst between both of my feet. The arch area in my foot is awful. I'm also feeling it on the top a well. Standing anymore takes work sometimes and very exhausting. Fatigue I've had at times as well that just make my whole body tired. I think know I have a compressed nerve in my lower back do to a warm sensation I keep having in my right leg. I've told my GP about that when I saw him in March. He really didn't do anything about it though. Hope you have a good day Cindy. Jason


Trixy26. Streriode injections help that are wonderful pain free for 10 weeks beg if you have to also in between I go the spa for hot wax treatment on hands Feet cost £26. Money well spent for the relif you get good look


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