The way I feel today do to my arthritis. ( OA)

Good evening too all, Hope everyone had a good easter yesterday. It's been awhile since I've been been on here and spoke about how I'm doing with my arthritis pain. Well it's still giving me a fit and I'm also still have the awful pain in my right hand. I'm actually feeling if my in my right hand than I was about a month ago. As far as my siaticia nerve goes the pain is still there as well traveling from my lower spine through my buttocks and through my leg down to my right foot. As far as my foot goes I feel it both on the top of my foot and in my arch as well. The meds my GP gave me have done nothing to help the pain in my joints or siaticia nerve. I'm getting very aggravated with this. Would it be worth trying physical therapy like my doctor wants me to ? Or will that be a waste of time as well? Came home from work this afternoon changed from the clothes I wore to work and went right in to my pjs and bathrobe. My body was tired of regular clothes for the day. When I have days like this it's the only thing that's comfortable when I get home. I'm going without my slippers for now until I'm tired of feeling carpet under my barefeet. But back to how my OA has made me feel today. It's made my body feel very tired all day from my shoulders to my feet. I'm hoping I won't feel this way tomorrow. J.D. Quinn

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  • Do give physical exercise a go, I too have much pain, but I do find either going into a pool and justwalking first forward then backwards and using my hands in the water really does help, when able I do an aqua class, its super music for an oldy, and reall does help all bits of me. Don't worry about pjs, the comfortable the better. Good luckxx

  • I hate RA!! Wishing everyone out there better days xx

  • Unfortunately Sue mine is OA not RA. But oa it's any better than RA. But RA does run in my family as well. I hurt from my shoulders to my my feet , including my hands and spine as well.

  • Thank you for your post JDQuinn75 and hope you had a good Easter break. Just wanted to reiterate the messages below that exercise is certainly a positive step which can only help - particularly if it strengthens muscles and mobilizes joints, in a low-impact and manageable way.

    We have a brand new factsheet on Staying Active (pdf) which might be helpful, as well as a lot of exercises in the Resources section.

    Finally, we know ESCAPE-Pain (which primarily focuses on knee arthritis) have recently produced a Free app you can download on your phone to practice the ESCAPE-Pain programme in your own time. Perhaps this might be of some help too, although you have mentioned pain in your feet and hands - so I am not sure if this is right for you at this time

    (link is here )

    We wish you all the best and if you want to discuss exercise - or seeing a physical therapist further, you can always call us and speak to our Director of Therapies Matthew Rogers.

    Wishing you all the best,


    Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

  • I've just seen taken a look at this, arthritis_action - it looks like a very interesting app. and I'm grateful that you've shared it with us. Thank you!

  • Ah we're pleased to hear this! We have trialed the ESCAPE -Pain programme in the past and know our Members have really enjoyed it and found it helpful, so it's good to see such good work be offered free to people on their website!

    All the best,


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