Body felt tired all day yesterday

Yesterday for the first time in a while 1my body felt tired all day. Don't know if it was a case of fatigue that had hit me or what. Also My shoulders, hip ,knees and feet hurt all day as,we'll. From my hip down was the worst though. A couple of days ago and could barely bend my toes on both of my feet. When I tried to it brought tears to my eyes. I don't know if RA has now hit me or if it's something else. I do know yesterday was awful. All I wanted to do when I got home was just lay down. I didn't have the energy what so ever. I still feel that way this morning. If I could I'd go barefoot to work, because my feet just don't like shoes of any kind any more unless it's my moccasins slippers. Damn this disease. This is making me miserable anymore. Unless I'm off my feet I hurt like crazy, some days are worse than others. Anymore it feels like it is the worst from my hips to my feet. I'm not comfortable moving around on my feet. Warmer Temps have done nothing for me this summer. I'm not finding a medication of any kind that helps me. I'm at a loss right now. I'm also very frustrated with it too. There's both comfort zone anywhere in site that I'm seeing as of right now. I can't keep going to a doctor and it not helping either. My GP hasn't found anything to help me nor has my rhumy. Staying frustrated with all of this. J. Quinn

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  • JD, Nothing stays the same. Somehow even though this is the worst time you've had, there has to be improvement ahead. For some reason, doctors don't seem to help us much, and it seems to me that we know more about our bodies than they do.

    Is there any pain management professional that can give you a clear diagnosis for all this horrible pain you've been agonizingly going through?

    You have to get this damn thing evaluated and treated to alleviate all the misery and pain that consumes your entire being. It's just not fair.

  • Skokiedee, I'm not sure what to do next. I got back to my GP in Oct. Been to the rheumatologist twice but haven't been back this year to them. Damn if I know what the hell to do next. Unless I do what I have told you before That I had though about looking into. The pain is awful I've also thought about going to a PT or OPT . I'll bring it up to my doctor in OCT. when I go. My lower part of my body just hurts day in and day out . It hurts to even bend my toes as well. I hope yours isn't this bad off. walking aids haven't helped either like under arm crutches to get some weight off the knees and hips. It looks to me like I may have to start the stronger pain killers than what I've been given so far . Hope all is well with you Sookie . Jason

  • Thanks Jason - I'm just so sorry about all your pain and really feel for you. I still have the lower back pain, pain in both knees, and an arthritic foot. When I get back to England, I'll have an MRI done on my back to see what is going on there. I take Motrin for pain and it helps for a few hours. Stay strong despite everything and I'm thinking of you.


  • Sookiedee,I'd like to find an otc drug to help me with my knees, feet , hip and shoulders but nothing over the counter has helped. Tylenol, aleve or advice molting hasn't help me either. Me feet hit like he'll tonight and look puffy as well. If you're like me your feet probably feel the best when you have nothing on then with exception of your slippers ( bedroom shoes) that the only thing that make mine feel good in shoes if I need to go out and run errands that's what I put on, my slippers. I don't really care if it's in a grocery store either. The problem with the warm sensation on in my right leg is still there and very uncomfortable at times. I think it's a sciatica nerve in my back that goes through the leg as well. Still not sure what to tell my GP unless I say I want to be sent to a physical therapist and see what they can do until I go to my last resort and that's to start using a wheelchair and stay off the joints . As you know I've already looked and checked into them. Plus with already having others on here tell me to go on and get one the thought is more tempting to go that way. Unless you have any ideas for me. At this point I don't think special diets are going to help me either. J. Quinn

  • Hello, hope I can help you. What has worked for me is weight loss. I've changed my diet to exclude most meats except chicken & fish, plenty of green vegetables and cut out anything with yeast in it. It's been a gradual process educating myself on what to avoid but with a daily and gentle 5 mile cycle ride thrown in, I have lost over 10 kg and feel much healthier. With daily tablets called Allopurinol as well, it's been a long time since I felt like you are feeling now. Key to it all is the will to beat it. Good luck.

  • Sorry you having a bad time Thinking of you love and soft hugs hope you get sorted jill xxx

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