Not looking forward to the cooler months

With fall here now and the cooler evenings it actually feels pretty good right now. I'm just dreading the cold months ahead. Winter was hell for me last year with the way my arthritis is. The other day I had a very uncomfortable day with my lower back. I was sitting in a chair and I moved just a little and it was,all I could do to keep tears coming in my eyes and down my cheek. That was last week that happened. But still by the end of the day I'm beat. All I want to do when I get home is just strech out on my couch so I can get off my feet. It seems the only shoes that my feet are the most comfortable in are my moccasin slippers. I wish I could ware those to work every day. Oh what I would do to feel comfortable again and not be hurting everyday from arthritis pain.

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  • I kick off my shoes the moment I get indoors as I am uncomfortable in any shoes I've tried. I dread going to bed as keep waking up and having to try a different positions and then to try and get up and onto my feet in the morning and get my back upright, well... A hot shower used to really help but even that seems to have faded somewhat now. I do sometimes have a good cry to myself as when people say how are you today you cannot really say as you would drive them away. It's a comfort knowing that there are other people out there going through the same thing and that you aren't alone but I have always been a very active person and find all this pain and joint restriction quite devastating. Take care.

  • I agree vondel , joint restriction can and is quite devastating . Like you hot showers don't help much for me anymore, like they use to. I can only hope that this winter be to bad for me like last winter was. Finding the right shoes for me isn't easy to find that feel comfortable enough for me to make it through the day. We can only "hope" for the best now that we have to deal with pain from arthritis. Have a good weekend. J. Quinn

  • i know i cant stand winter i think it affects everyone's arthrtis gets back in the winter i for some reason i can never get warmed up i have already had the heating on i'm not looking forward to the gas bill lol, have you tried the heated belts and stuff i also use a heated blanket when it gets really cold x

  • I'm reading about Lyme's disease and detoxing and I use cannabis which helps but it's legal where I live. I use it at night in edibles so I sleep really good now most of the time and I wear wool socks that help me but yes getting comfortable shoes is a problem....

  • I don't think that suppressing your immune system is a good idea even with an autoimmune syndrome??? I personally would look at toxins in the environment and in the foods you eat. Dr. Hulda Clark has a book out also but many think her approach is a little radical. I'm starting cleansing smoothies today with beets/carrots/apple/cherry juice tonic (turmeric, ginger, and black cherries)....

    Dr. Clark suggests that you do 3 different cleanses to rid the liver/kidney/gall blade of toxins and bugs for a better term. I also read the especially Rheumatoid arthritis is a result of Lyme's disease and or bacterial/fungal infections in the body but it's really hard to get a doctor to treat Lyme's disease because they don't take it serious and they don't have a clue how to treat it.

    Anyway, hope the following article helps....

    What is my approach to treating and reversing autoimmune diseases? By Dr. Amy Meyers

    My approach to a patient who has a known or suspected autoimmune disease is to immediately place them on a comprehensive elimination diet to remove the top twelve inflammatory foods. I also recommend that they remove all grain and legumes from their diet if they think they can. Lectins in grains and legumes have been implicated in autoimmune diseases.

    I order a comprehensive stool test to look at levels of good bacteria, check for infections and leaky gut. I then apply a functional medicine 4R approach to healing the gut. This is essential! More than 80% of your immune system is in your gut. If you have an autoimmune disease, then by definition you have a leaky gut that needs to be repaired, otherwise you won't be able to reverse your condition.

    I check blood levels for various antibodies and look for hidden or underlying infections.

    After I've done all of this, if the symptoms have not completely resolved I look for hidden toxins like mercury and mycotoxins. If we find heavy metals, I often will place the patient on oral chelation treatment. If we find mycotoxins, I have the patient remediate their home.

    I know from personal experience how overwhelming, confusing and scary a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease can be. I also know that conventional medicine only offers treatment of the symptoms, not a real solution to the disease.

    I urge you to find a functional medicine physician in your area to help you get to the root cause of your illness and to help you reverse your disease. It can be done.

    If you can't find a local functional medicine physician, check out our course taught by functional medicine expert Dr. Terry Wahls: Food Fundamentals: Eating To Optimize Your Physical & Mental Well-Being

  • I too dread the cold. But mostly the lonely nights when I can't sleep because of pain in the back and nothing helps. Anybody out there who can't sleep for pain?

  • I get that too - if you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your knees. I find that helps. If you sleep on your back, put the pillow under the knees and also put a small rolled-up towel under the curve of your back.

  • I tried all this. But the pain had taken over my whole body and it got so bad that I could not walk but just crawl on the floor. The doctor prescribed some small amount of diazipam to take just in case. I hope I will never go through nights like this. Why is pain so much worse during the long nights, just when there are no distractions.

  • I agree - you would think pain would ease up when you're in bed not straining anything. It just doesn't make sense. Used to love go to bed and now it's a demon.

  • I see what you mean and sympathise. I bet you will have lots of replies .

  • Sookiedee, My lower back plus mother side of my leg down to my foot has been hurting since yesterday. I think it's the siaticia nerve . Tell ya what tho it's very painful. It's gotten worse in the last feeling it more now. My GP dint do anything when I told him about it back in March.

  • I'm so sorry JD.. Have you thought of seeing a chiropractor. Spinal manipulation may ease discomfort. I heard from a few people this can lessen pain from your leg. Take care. Your GP doesn't sound TOO helpful....

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