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Very painful day today

Today is probably the worst I've felt as far as my arthritis goes. Since I got up this morning I done nothing but hurt all day long. I didn't think I'd make it through my work day I hurt so bad. Came home and put my pjs on and my bathrobe as well, along with my indoor moccasin slippers. My back has hurt like hell all day . It almost brought me to my knees a couple of times today. Also I have had a lot of strength in my hands all day. I've had a head time gripping things as well as holding on to things as well. Went to take to top off my coffee cup this morning to fill it and barely got it open. I normally don't have trouble opening that at all, but I did this morning. I think it's time I be tested again to see what's going on. I feel like its getting worse or that I i have another form of arthritis along with my OA, if that's the case then I want to know. Damn this pain.

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Sorry to hear that know how it feels. my oa is in hips. been trying to lose weight. was 15stone 14 months ago said have to be 11 stone, struggled to do it but hit target on Monday. went to see consultant I thought he was going to say no he put so many obstacles in the way. anyway all boils down to on waiting list and expect time to be 6/8 weeks for one hip replacement other later on. I have had this pain for about 6 years but scared of op. anyway I will give it a go, I am 75 and don't walk outside anymore, could live til 90 don't want to be like this. worries about the after op bit, who will help me etc. also to have general anaesthetic or spinal, don't fancy hearing everything.

hope you improve soon where is it worse. I take zapain and tramadol. By for now chin up..


Hi - I feel for both you and I'm just the same. No social life, just pain and the morphine based patches and co-codamol I'm on aren't doing much good. Latest news for me is that after numerous tests to make sure my heart is ok for an op on my hip my GP has written to the hospital to tell them they can go ahead; when I phoned the hospital today they said they haven't received the letter. My GP says the letter was sent on the 8th August. Sometimes I feel there is some sort of conspiracy to stop me having the operation. Life sucks!!!!!


Olly17man, today was an uncomfortable day with my back and knees mostly. I agree when you say life sucks when it comes to chronic pain. I've read a lot on what I can do as far as self care. But as far as mobility goes all I read in everything mention canes and walkers. When it comes to my back pain in my spine plus both of my knees I wouldn't consider either one of those to help me get around because all that's going is keeping the weight on the lower joints that hurt. Now that my pain has gotten into the upper part of my spine I stay uncomfortable while trying to work 5 days a week full-time. I have siaticia never pain on both sides of me now and the best comfort I have for so far is in a sitting position, that that tells me . I'm also uncomfortable laying down always. My gp I see in a few weeks so I'm going to ask what he suggest me use if I need if. Most likely hell probably say a walking stick or walker. I refuse to use either one of those. Im so sick of feeling tbis way tho, something needs to work to relieve my discomfort.


JDQ! Guess what!! My GP sent the letter to the wrong hospital! I'm beginning to think I'm not supposed to have this operation. Hope you are managing to rest up a bit over the weekend and get some pain relief.


Hi JDQuinn75 - so sorry to hear this. We are sending you positive energy and good thoughts to see you through this!

All the best,

Arthritis Action Comms Team


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