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Hi I'm looking for RA patients with lung involvement?

Hi I'm based in the UK but looking for people worldwide who have lung involvement due to their rheumatoid disease? I hope this is ok to post here, but I've started a page to gather us all together, I believe that sharing information and support is something we desperately need with such serious extra articular manifestations of this disease. I noticed how limited the info and support available is and decided to do something about that myself. I am a single mum of four and I foster one additionally. I was diagnosed with rapid onset severe RA in 2014 and was rapidly and fully disabled, by the end of that year I had been hospitalised with methotrexate poisoning and some damage to my right lower lobe of the lung. It was assumed I would be ok if I came off the drug. In July this year I was hospitalised again and ct scan now shows diffuse damage across both lungs and in all lobes as a result of rheumatoid swelling. I still don't know yet where I stand as I'm waiting further scans etc. If you have this issue or know anyone who does please guide them our way, together none of us need go through this alone. My group link is please come check us out. Even if you don't have lung issues there is plenty of information there to learn about for all ra patients. Breathe easy folks x

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Hello Orchidcass

I have RA, OA, Osteoporosis, Sjogrens Syndrome, Vasculitis and Bronchiectasis. i often gets bouts of Pseudomonas. I'm waiting to have my treatment changed. Oh yes, forgot I've also had Breast Cancer.

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Wow poemsgalore1 nice to meet you, you have one hell of a list there too! Look forward to seeing you in the group....there is a few poems there too ;)


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