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Newly diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis


It's been some months now since a sudden onset of extreme shoulder pain. This was diagnosed as bursitis, but did not stop there. The hips, elbows and knees all started to ache more than usual. Soon every activity brought on new pain. A blood test showed Rheumatoid arthritis and now i am about to start treatment using Methotrexate, but wonder if there are other more natural things that can help this disease?

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There's a healthinlocked community run by NRAS that is mainly for people with RA - so go and have a look.

Natural methods versus traditional drugs is a very heated topic. Do a search in that community and you'll find loads of posts about it. Basically it seems that there are some people who have had great success with using diet not drugs, but they a small minority. Which is not to say you couldn't be too - but also runs risks of permanent damage. Another approach that quite a few people have used successfully is to use diet alongside the drugs, and then they're slowly able to wean themselves off the drugs once the disease is under control.

Talk to your rheumatologist about how active and aggressive he or she thinks your disease is, and whether you have time to try other approaches first.

Thank you - really appreciate the advice and will certainly try the dietary approach along with the drugs until i can get advice from the rheumatologist. It is great to see their may be a healthier way. It's always daunting to get diagnosed with something more serious and unknown to oneself. Thank you again.

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I too started suddenly with RA in January. Changed my diet no grain no dairy. So mainly fruit and veg but included eggs. I think it has helped but RA has progressed rapidly even though I was in MTX for four months had to stop because of losing my hair and sickness and foggy just take 2 Prednisolone daily until I see my consultant again in two weeks. I hope I am offered something else. Diet helps I think it helps keeps flare ups to a minimum but wont control the damage RA can do.

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Sorry to hear your adverse reaction to MTX and i hope you get something better tolerated soon. Go well

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Thank yo SO much - this makes me a lot better. The initial shock is wearing off and seeing positive results and 'normal' lives helps me. Thank you thank you :)

Have a read of this: :)

What Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis (and How to Turn it Off)

Well i have taken the plunge and stopped Methotrexate about 6 weeks ago now. The pain has come back and i am being optimistic that it is just a reaction? Along with this there has been significant nausea and i am wondering if anyone has experience with this and if this is a normal reaction?


I agree with helix.....come and join us over on the NRAS site, it's a fab site and helped me so much in my early days. I also agree to using both approaches as in managing the meds but also keeping yourself as fit and healthy as possible with diet,exercise and rest. The first bit for me was horrendous, I too had a sudden aggressive was such a shock. It took a while to get used to the drugs etc, but that was 3 years ago and I'm doing fine now.

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Oh sorry I've just realised this is an old post....bit early in the morning for me! Perhaps your rheumy could advise re other drugs that could suit you better than mtx? There are lots to try. You will find a lot more experience of RA and the drugs used to treat it over on the NRAS site.

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