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I had an x ray last year and was told I have arthritis in my hip that is not bad enough for a replacement. I accepted this I knew it wasn't that bad. That was it no other information was forthcoming. I don't even know the what type I have. This past month it has become very painful I can't see a GP as they do phone consultations and then decide if you can see them, I was concentrating on the pain symptoms and stupidly forgot to ask, what I need to know is, is in normal to have pain in the groin, buttock, hip, thigh, knee and calf? I also have lots of bruising. it had become very painful walking and resting. Lying down in bed leads to sleepless nights. i have been given Co Codamol and referral to Physio.

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  • Hi, when I got pain in my groin, buttock, hip, thigh etc, right down to my foot, I was told it was sciatica. Having said that, I have RA everywhere and OA in my left hip. Hopefully the physio might be able to help you. xx

  • It is a great shame that nothing is done for people with early arthritis, because that is when excercise can make a real difference. Nine years ago I had really good physio on my left knee and recovered fully. Last year my other knee caused problems and this time the physio offered has not been good. Down right discouraging in some cases.I however persevered knowing that it worked last time and that there are schemes relying on exercise in the Scandinavian countries. The Internet has been a great help. There are a lot of videos on YouTube. There are some useful books. I can also recommend

    Paying attention to warmth and to how you walk is also important. Would inlays in your shoes help?

    My efforts are paying off. A couple of days ago I went for my first circular forest walk, short and slow, but with a bit of up and down and dodging of mud and puddles.

  • Thank you for your advice, I really need to have a chat with the GP and physio. It seems he is very blasé about arthritis.

  • Hello carambo2 and we are sorry to hear about your pain. It really needs to be an assessment and diagnosis coming from a clinician am afraid, so we would advise you call your GP to ask any extra questions you have, as well as discuss with your Physiotherapist. Some information on our website might be of help, so feel free to have a look - we do offer our Members up to 2 subsidized appointments/year with our associated practitioners (physical therapists) - so maybe this is a helpful option for you, to discuss your condition further?

    We wish you all the best and Happy Friday!


  • My hip went from normal changes for my age 59 years to needing a hip replacement in 18months you need another X-ray I'd say

  • Thank you for the responses. Just reading other peoples stories has made me realise how much I need to find out then hopefully manage the pain better.

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