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Hi I'm new here and living with RA

Hi I was diagnosed with RA 5 years ago and given methatrexate it actually left me feeling worse than I did with the pain I was getting which was and is tolerable, I have stopped taking it, and feel more like my old self, yes I get a little stiff which a hot soak in the bath and 2 paracetamol help with and I'm able to cope with the day,, it doesn't work for everyone I know but I'm doing ok, what I wanted to ask anyone is my immune system is well and truly useless what things can I do to help repair it??

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My immune system was impaired too. 2 bad cases of shingles followed. Olive leaf extract capsules 1 a day put me right I cannot praise it highly enough.

Certainly worked for me.

Jen x


Hi Jen thankyou for your reply , I'm going to get some of those and see if that helps me I will keep you posted


Tialucas bee propolis helps regulate the immune system , black seed oil, tumaric with black pepper and also try to have some fat with that I have organic butter, you can also put some in your gravy tastes nice 😊 Xx


Hi century thankyou for your info I will see if I can get some to try , I seem to have a permenant cold at the moment, so my system certainly needs something

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Take black seed oil, it balances and strengthens the immune system. Look up the the benifits of black seed oil 😊


Hi century I've spoken to my dr about black seed oil she doesn't advice it as I'm on blood pressure tablets already and black seed oil helps to lower BP and bring it down to low , it's a shame but thankyou for the info


Your welcome 😊 X


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