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An achy day today

It's been an achy day for me today with my arthritis due to the rain and dampness. I'm feeling all over my body today where my osteo has started in me. My gp had asked me the other day when I saw him if I was worried how I'd feel when winter got here. My responce back was I just hoped that it wasn't going to be any worse than last winter. My feet hurt like hell last winter all winter long . I was barely able to get throught a day of work my feet hurt so bad. Now this year with it being in my knees and shoulders and elbows as well now I'm hoping I don't feel bad all winter long. Yes I'm on pain medication for my osteonnit's actually Naproxen 500 mg . I'm taking one pill twice a day . But I still feel that it's not enough to ease my symptoms. My rheumy told me if this didn't help that I may have to be put on celebrex but also imformed me that the Celebrex is not a cheap drug. Can anyone with osteo and is on the celebrex tell me if it is helping them and the side affects the may be getting . Also if I should consider it or not. Thanks for any info given. I still feel the pain in my hands , shoulder , elbow and knees.

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Celebrex worked for me but there are side effects so my Dr took me off them. When I was first diagnosed I was told ( jokingly) by the consultant to move to Spain it's warmer. I live with numerous wheat bags hot water bottles etc that get swapped around my joints

The heating in my car is on as hot as it can be to help my hands. Winter is very pretty but it sucks. Trendy is out layers and warm stuff is in. As soon as I start to ache it is wheat bag .hot shower before bed and plenty of rest with hot water bottle etc. Found those two things work better than strong tablets and I've tried them all.


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