How long should it take?

How long should it take for a prescription OA to kick in to ease the pain? I've been on diclofenac  500 Mg 2x a day for a solid month and I'm not seeing much difference if any from when I started taking it. This is the 5th one I've tried in over a year and not one of them has helped me.  Should I stop all media and just deal with the pain.  My hand hurt pretty bad this past Wednesday and other areas of my body as, well.  I'm beginning to even think if there's anything that will ease my pain.  Not sure what to do next about this. 

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  • Hi JD, I'm not on any pain medications right now since I'm taking so many other pills for various ailments.  I really hope you find something that helps.  People in pain get so used to the feeling, and that's just not right.

    Have you tried codeine phosphate?  You would think that after being on diclofenac for a month, some relief from pain would be felt.  Don't deal with the pain - there HAS to be something out there to soothe you.

    Take care, Sookie

  • There is a natural supplement if you want to try ,there are NO SIDE EFFECTS .I used to take it when i had arthritis on my fingers .Now after a few months i dont pain anymore and can do all the movements .It's called sesameal ,it comes from Thailand,i can send u more info if u are interested .It will ease yr pain for Sure .

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  • A month seems excessive, but different drugs vary and so do people's responses. Try googling diclofenac if you want to find out an average. I think I'd be calling my doctor, too. He/she should have answered this question at the time of prescribing. If you still have the patient information insert, it should be on there, too.

  • Syltownsend, The average time for it to kick in to relieve my pain was not in the information you're talking about.  Just side effects mostly and what the drug is for. This is the 5th one I've been on and nothing has worked as of yet.  I'm about to give up on pain meds and just deal with it my own way.  One of those five should of helped .  J. Quinn

  • JDQ, as I've said before, your symptoms sound like *more* than OA, and you should see a rheumatologist if you can, who can consider whether you might have some kind of inflammatory joint disease like rheumatoid arthritis. Diclofenac Is only a very mild anti-inflammatory (mostly it is an analgesic) so if the cause of your pain is inflammation rather than wear-and-tear, it won't make much difference at all. I know you're in the U.S. and you pay for your healthcare, so it's not easy for you to do what I suggest, but if there is any way at all to arrange to see a rheumy, I'd recommend it.

  • Flow4 I went to one another couple of different time they said both time that is was osteoarthritis instead of rheumatoid arthritis.  I was told no inflammation was being shown . But like you I'm not convinced either that it's not RA , especially the way it's acting.  I haven't had a MRI but maybe it's time that I should or the rheumatoid factor test I've had done twice and it's showed no sign of anything xrays are showing nothing as well. I'm nothing but frustrated right now because nothing is working.  Jason 

  • 15-20% of people with RA have normal blood test results and are RF negative. With other types of inflammatory arthritis like psoriatic arthritis (which I have) almost everyone is RF neg. So that proves nothing. Inflammation does not show on x-rays either; you need ultrasound or MRI for that. I'm sorry you're suffering. It can take years to get a proper diagnosis, and it's a difficult time, I know.

  • It's been frustrating in a way. I'm actually surprised my gp or rumey hasn't told me that an,MRI needs to be done.  I haven't gone back to my rumey do to the fact I don't think he's doing me any good right now.  I feel like I'm wasting money with this rheumatologist.  Hot showers  help sometimes but not always. I'm restless during the night when I try to sleep because laying on my back seems to bother my hips more. That being said I'm very tired during the day when I need to focus on my work. The warmer temps haven't helped any either,  like I thought they would. Within the first hr of my shift I'm ready to leave do to how I feel .  It's always something,  each day is not like the day before.  Always different. 

  • It does sound very like how I felt a few years ago, before I had any visible inflammation, or any diagnosis or treatment...

    Just as a matter of interest, do you have any of the following symptoms...?

    Swelling in/around joints (and if so, where?)

    Skin rashes 

    Changes to your fingers or toes, including the nails (and if so, what?)

    Eye problems/infections/soreness

    Stomach/digestive problems

  • Flow4 both of my hands stay sore and they also stay red on the top all the time anymore,  as far as my feet and toes there are days that it hurts to bend them. But the only redness I have is on my hands. I also have a knot on my right foot just below my big toe. It's not real big but big enough to know one is there.  There's no visible inflammation anywhere just the redness on top of my hands.  But both of the bottom of my feet hurt like crazy if I'm on them to long. My concern is having an MRI and it not show anything as well.  I stay on my feet  for 8 hrs every day during my work hrs and by the time it's time for me to go I'm worn out from standing .  My nails look like they should.  I've also noticed that I don't have much of an apatite lately . That's been going on for awhile now.  I'm not sure if that's a sign of something going on. I don't feel sick just not much of an apatite.  That pretty much sums it up though. J. Quinn  

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