Painful weekend

I have spent most of my weekend on the couch do to pain in my hips , knees and feet. I stopped taking what my gp this month because i felt it wasn't helping me. Weve had a very cool spring this year here where i live and very little warm weather. Its felt more like fall than spring temps. Im pretty much giving up on trying to find a medicine that will help my pain ease up. After trying five diffrent meds in the last two years not a one has helped me. Still have a hard time getting around do to the pain im having. Today its, hurt me to bend down even just a little. This tells me mine is progressing more. Friday it hurt for me tk bend my toes on both of my feet as, well. That's been the first in awhile, but ive had that happen before. Ive also had pain on the tops of both of my legs as well not long ago , that was unbearable. Im not do to go back to my gp until October. Maybe i shoukd ask about seeing a pt or ot. May a therapist is what i need instead of medicine. What is it going to take to ease the pain I'm having? But then again what can, a therpist do for me? I'm at a loss right now trying to figure out what to do next. I'm tired of hurting all day everyday.

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  • JD, I don't blame you - chronic pain is a bitch. I didn't even want to start the day this morning. I read about a new? treatment for pain right now called Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) - The doctor uses a needle with a tip that heats up. The needle is placed very close to the nerve and the heat zaps it so it can't send out the pain signal. Lasts about 8 months (then doctor gives you another shot) and is good for arthritis - knees, lower back, hips, etc. I don't know if this technique is in England or USA but will find out more.

    But I think you should consider a physical therapist too - maybe they have new techniques to ease all that you're going through. Thinking of you, and truly wish there was something - anything- to give you comfort.


  • Sookie most of my pain is in my lower back, knees, hips and feet. The super part of my body is nor as bad as the lower. Yes my hands and shoulder hurt as well but not like the lower part of me does. It still hurts me to move around each and every day. Meds don't seem to help my arthritis as of right now. I'm still trying to find the best alternative to help me from feeling so much pain. It tires me out anymore. My feet are killing me right now as we speak. It seem s like standing alone is a chore. Also my lower back is achy as well this morning. This will make it a long day for me for sure I know. I'm just hoping fitigue doesn't set in. That has happened on more than one occasion in the past. We'll see I guess. Like you said chronic pain is a bitch J. D. Quinn

  • Sookie today was another achy day with lower back hip knees ect. I was reading today online about the warm sensation I keep having down my right thigh all the way to my knees and it sounds to me like it happens to do with my lower back its a nerve fro. My lower back all the way through my hip and down the leg as,well. It sounds like early signs of spinal stenosis that I'm getting. My gp is aware of my symptoms but my neurologist isn't as of yet. It's the lumber part of my back. So far all the symptoms are on my right side and not the left. From what I read several test will need to be done to see exactly where the problem is an EMG, MRI and CT scan as well maybe. With the rain this morning I felt it all damn day. From 6 am til I left at 2 this afternoon. I felt like I need to sit all day. Standing even just a short amount of time bothers it. I could of used a wheelchair for much today . I was uncomfortable all day til I got back home a little before 3. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow morning ( Tuesday). It's currently 922 here where I live in Virginia. Try to have you a pain free day sookie and I'll talk back with you soon. Jason

  • Hi JD, I'm so sorry with your horrible aches and how you manage to stand it all. We have loads of rain here in England and I feel your pain. I wonder if I had stayed in the states, I might not have gotten arthritis. People who are born here, lived here all their lives seem to be more hardy/ used to it - just my opinion.

    I hope with a MRI and a useful talk with the neurologist that something can get sorted out. Also mention to the neurologist about what I said above about Radiofrequency Ablation. To me, it seems like possibly a good solution if the doctor uses a needle on the nerve with the heat, thus eliminating the pain signal that is sent to your body.

    Anyway, I hope you can get through your day and please update us on what the neurologist thinks - I just wish he could come up with some strong medication for you to ease all your pain. Take care, Sookie

  • JD, I was looking up medication for severe pain with this stupid aching arthritic foot. I found Tramadol (brand names Conzip, Ultram) and if I can get a script for it, I'll let you know.

  • Ok sookie, Sounds good. My symptoms are still the same even with warmer weather here now. That should tell you where I'm at with this right now. Talk with you later. Jason

  • Hi Jason, leaving for North Carolina on June 5 for two months so maybe the warm weather there will help joints - I heard it's in the 80's.

    Hopefully will get Tramadol before I go. You have to watch this drug because I think it's morphine based which could become addictive.

  • Sookie, it was the highest of 85 here yesterday in Virginia, so NC is probably a bottle the same temp. The warmer weather hasn't helped me any but I hope it helps you. Let me know how the Temps did for you when you get home. If your like me it probably won't help much so good luck with that. We've had cool Temps here until this week. It's unusual to have a spring that's cool here. Usually by the second week of May it's hot here , that hasn't been the case here this year. Enjoy your time in NC. My dad's parents are from NC . It nice down there though I think you'll enjoy it. Talk with you soon Jason.

  • Hi Sookidee, Regarding Tramadol. I've been taking it for sometime now, it works, but, initially you may feel tired and a bit dizzy so when you start taking it, take it just before you go to bed and the effects will have worn off by the morning, another tip is to eat some carbs before you take it, it seems to stop the nausea that a lot of people get when they first start using tramadol. Hope this info will help. Joyce

  • Thanks for that much needed advice, Joyce -really appreciate the tips and advice before taking Tramadol. I had never heard of this drug before until I looked up medication for moderate to severe pain.

    That's a good sign that it works for you, and hopefully it will do the same for me.

    All the best, Sookie

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