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Hey everyone, first of all I would like to say a huge Thankyou to all the lovely supportive replies I received on my last post regarding distressing intrusive thoughts.. I appreciate all the love shown my way 💕

Sorry I’ve been a little quiet on here, yesterday was my wonderful Grandad’s funeral & oh boy did we as a family give him an amazing send off he would be so proud of,

I wore a beautiful yellow fitted dress (yellow & blue was my grandads fave colours) & as my family all said to me ‘I was the ray of sunshine’ of the day yesterday & I believe I wore my outfit in honour of my beautiful late grandad 🕊💫

Overall I’m holding up the best I can, I’m still continuing my 100mg of sertraline & trying to remain as positive as possible.

As of yet I haven’t experienced no awful anxiety or dark intrusive thoughts so I’m hoping it stays that way 🤞🏻

Yesterday was a hard, sad but lovely emotional day for my family & I & if I’m honest I don’t really know how I’m feeling or expected to feel.. it now hits home that yesterday was the final journey for my grandad & to now know I will never see him again or hear he’s voice & he’s singing fills me with such a lump in my throat.. but I know he is ever so proud of myself my two boys & our family, he loved us all very very much & he knew we all knew that.. we loved him just as much if not more.. from here to the moon & back.. he is now our brightest star in the sky ✨💫

It’s not a forever goodbye it’s a simply ‘I’ll see you soon’ & I believe we so will one day..

I guess now all I can do is grieve the loss & keep he’s memory alive..

Thankyou to each & everyone of you lovely bunch on here for always been here with the love, kindness & support I truly appreciate every reply I receive 💕

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Hello KeiraMarie, thank you so much for your update it’s lovely to hear from you again.

Thank you for telling us about your treasured grandad’s funeral. I’m sure he was super proud of you all yesterday. Your dress sounds glorious. I love that you didn’t wear black. I always think that funerals are a celebration of life as much as they are time to mourn and reflect too. So to me, colour is a celebration, but I know funerals are a personal day so see that some prefer a traditional black.

I’m really glad the medication seems to be working, and is giving you space to continue to rebuild again after your awful intrusive thoughts you had been experiencing. Gosh, that must feel like a weight has lifted a bit. Take it easy, continue to be super kind to yourself. Recovery in my experience took time, patience and a lot of self love. You have got this KeiraMarie.

Goodness thank you from everyone here for your heartfelt words of thanks. It means the world if we are able to help each other, even if just a little bit.

For me, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to help others by drawing on my own experience of Postpartum Psychosis. As you know yourself, we wouldn’t wish this awful illness on anyone ever - but without it we would never have encountered each other’s kindness. Mums who’ve had PP are some of the most inspiring and strong women I know. You included. So thank you for trusting us to talk with us here.

We’re a community and we’re glad you found us here. Sending hugs.

Take care,

Rachel x

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Hi KeiraMarie

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and update us here at APP. I'm so glad to hear that your intrusive thoughts and anxiety have improved.

It's so beautiful the way you describe the day of your dear grandad's funeral. He sounds like a wonderful man, and I'm glad you were able to honour him and celebrate his part in your lives.

Be gentle and kind with yourself over the coming months as you go through the process of grieving. I'm so glad that you can be uplifted by his love and pride in you and your boys. Thinking of you as you miss him, and keep his memory.

Take good care



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