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Update on Pregnancy

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So, I don't get around to posting on here often at all, having two under 4 is a lot of work!!! I am also staying at home now.

So, I am now 24 + 1 weeks pregnant! I am taking Lamictal 150mg daily, but am starting my antipsychotic here soon since I am almost in my third trimester. I had severe PPA and PPD after my oldest, and PP after my second. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about this time around.

I also have seen the Maternal Fetal Specialist twice, and go again in three weeks. Little one has a cord defect, a Single Umbilical Artery, which may cause him to be a little small, or early, or both. He will be taken at 39 weeks at the latest.

And yes, it's a boy!! My third boy. We are naming him Julien after my mother. I have been monitoring my moods, and have been falling into sleeplessness and some depression as well. Hopefully starting an AP will resolve that. I am going to be taking lurasidone, which is fairly new and Cat. B, so I can nurse after pregnancy as well, God willing.

Anyway, just wanted to bring all you lovely ladies up to speed!! God bless!

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Oh, I also ended up informing my family at 17 weeks. They were nervous and still are. But I have received a lot of support and that makes me feel really happy.

My OB is great too, and we have a plan in place for the hospital. The hospital won't take babies to the nursery unless it is necessary, but we wrote in my info that if I request it, he will be taken back so I can rest. I also can get an extra day if I need it.

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Hi TwoUnderTwo,

Thanks for sharing your update. It's sounding like you are doing well and have some great support in place, both family and professional. I know from my experience of a pregnancy after pp how important it is to have plans in place and this all sounds really positive for you too. Being aware of the possibility your little boy might have some early challenges with the cord defect you mention does give you valuable information now rather than stresses if it was discovered when you have given birth. I know pregnancy can be a vulnerable time but you will want everything to be as smooth as possible with the birth too.

Family support can be tough to get right, and in some ways it is a time that you have to be a support to them if you can, but really ultimately it's yourself, partner and children who take the focus. I found I couldn't take on the worries of my wider family as trying hard to keep myself well was the priority for me and my husband and our little boy. It may sound a little selfish but I hope you know what I mean.

I have 2 boys so know a little of the busy-ness that brings, as will a third! I hope you can get time to rest too. It's positive that you have been monitoring your moods, and hopefully sleep will get better soon with your new meds. It's such an important thing, at least I found, to have the right meds, promote sleep and get professional support to back up my immediate family.

Wishing you all the very best, please post again if you'd like to share any further updates. Take care, xx

Thank you. Good luck and kind wishes,


All the best!

HI TwoUnderTwo

I remember all of your posts as it was around the time my second was born. I too am not on here as often. I guess that happens when you move a little further away from the event and we get busy with our lives.

It's definitely got a lot busier on here so I often don't feel the need to respond as everyone has already said the things I would have said.

Congratulations on your 3rd. We haven't decided if we're going there yet. It won't be till after my eldest starts school next year either way.

Sorry to hear things aren't going as smoothly as they could. Hopefully things will settle down for you and bubs will behave and keep growing strongly despite his issues.

Good Luck with everything.


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Hello TwounderTwo

Just wondering how your are a few weeks on since you last posted .... not much longer to wait now?  I'm glad you have good family support and a care plan.

Take care.

Hey everyone!! Updating again, almost 31 weeks. The longest I will go is 39 before they will perform surgery. Baby is measuring ahead and so far so good on blood pressure, as I had preeclampsia before in previous pregnancies. I am beginning to fear afterwards. I lost my psychiatrist, she suddenly discharged my because I live too far away, and there are no doctors taking new patients until after the baby will be born. Really stuck right now on what to do...I have two bottles of lurasidone I could self administer if it came down to it...OB says he has no one to refer me to. So...needless to say I am really worried.

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Hi TwoUnderTwo,

Good to hear your update and that your blood pressure is keeping down, avoiding the pre-eclampsyia you've had in previous pregnancies.  It sounds like a positive that they are getting you to as close to 39 weeks as possible, I know the hospitals are often reluctant to go too early.

I'm sorry to hear that you feeling anxious about after the birth and have been discharged unexpectedly from your psychiatrist.  Do you have any other mental health professionals involved, such as a CPN or community team member?  I know when I had my 2nd baby, I also struggled to get MH professionals involved.  I completely understand that this is a worrying time for you.  You do mention that doctors might be taking on new patients after the baby will be born, can you get any more info on this?

I don't know the medication you are referring to, but self-administering doesn't sound ideal.  Can you ask a GP for advice on that?  They may be more "general" but can at least offer some guidance I would have thought.  I also share your frustration that the OB cannot refer you to anyone, this is exactly the situation I had too, with no perinatal service close by.

Are you in the UK?  I was also wondering if you've had a care plan written up yet, as I found that really helpful getting down all my history, triggers and treatment preferences - in connection with both the birth (so general obs/ gyn should be involved) and also mental health.  I ended up writing my own because of difficulties in getting MH input, although this did come late in my pregnancy.

The other things which you might find helpful are the APP Guides: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...  The one about pregnancy after PP may be particularly helpful, also to share with your Obs staff.  I was wondering whether you might also be able to access the APP 2nd Opinion Service to get some specialist input, if you are in England your GP can refer you and Prof Jones is based in Cardiff, he is a wealth of advice and I found it really helpful and invaluable really without a local input:


Apologies if these are things you have already looked into, or aren't able to.

There are many positives about how things seem to be going this time and I hope the worry about after the birth can be lessened with getting some more input soon.  Take care, and let us know how you get on, xx

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Hello TwoUnderTwo 

A few weeks further along now so I just wondered how you are coping.  I'm sorry to hear the Psychiatrist will not be available to you now.  There are a lot of good links above so I hope you have found them helpful.

Take care.  It would be good to hear how you are but I'm sure you're very busy at home, so don't worry.

We are all here for you.

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Hello TwounderTwo

I know you must be very busy with two treasures under 4 and the imminent arrival of your baby boy. I hope you are keeping well and wish you all the best in these final weeks before delivery.

Take good care of yourself and try to relax if you can.

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