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Update.. :)


Hi Everyone,

Just giving you all an update and I'm delighted to say Daughter has been discharged from the unit..BUT with lots of support in place..along side us her family, she has her care worker, and a outreach worker too who phones her every day to check on her..

I have to say thank you to each and every one of you that supported me through this experience..I didn't feel as alone as I had with her other illnesses ..

We are aware this is not the end..but its the best I've seen her for many years so its a great place to start building her future on..

Her hubby is going for the snip as they realise they or their children cant go through this again...and 3 children are more then enough!

I will still pop in from time to time and if I can offer support to other mums or grandparents going through this then I will..

Thank you xxxxx

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Hi RedRosie36

What great news ..... so pleased your daughter has been discharged with good support in place. I hope she continues to recover, comforted by all your love and good care which you have given from day one.

I hope you can now relax a little to enjoy the precious gift of your grandchildren and family. Take good care of yourself. xx

Dear RedRosie

I am so pleased to hear your news. It will be lovely to have your Daughter home. I personally found it difficult at times when I left the unit, so am pleased to hear that there is lots of support in place. You seem to have been amazing and really supportive to your Daughter. I wish you all the best, take care mx


Dear RedRosie ,

This is great news and I am so pleased and happy for you all .

It’s good that she has all this support around her too .

Best wishes for the future & much love xxx


Dear RedRosie,

such wonderful news...

… there is no deadline in recovery...gradual and all in stepping stones for your daughter.

It is such a relief to know that she has the support network in place.

You are such a caring mum,

just call into the forum whenever you have the desire to be listen to. We are thinking of you and your family.

Remember to look after yourself, too.

Best wishes



Hi RedRosie,

it's lovely to read your post, and to hear your daughter has been discharged and with some good support in place. I'm so glad that we were here for you, and that it has been helpful being in touch with us.

Take care, Ellie XX

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