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Did anyone use hypnobirthing? I became obsessed with the ihypnobirth app while I was experiencing postpartum psychosis. I wondered if there are any links.

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Hi there,

I had PP in February last year with the birth of my daughter, I learnt hypnobirthing techniques from a couple of MP3 tracks and a book and I used them in labour, especially early on. However after being admitted to an adult psych ward and being diagnosed I had a complete aversion to those tracks on my iPod, I was scared I would get ill again!

I've often wondered if there was a link as a few PP mums I've spoken to in real life had also used hypnobirthing techniques. I doubt there has been any research done on this idea- the same as the idea that maybe there is a link between being induced with a drip (which I also had) I think there is still so much more to know about PP and I hope that one day they might be able to prevent it!



I used hypnobirthing during my very long labour and wondered if it had been a contributing factor to my PPP as in my mind it was not normal for somebody to stay awake for so long (60+ hours). I became obsessed at one point that I was still hypnotised and kept asking people to find me a hypnotist to get me out of my trance. I've since had two relapses and both times a form of hypnosis preceded it - the first after I'd been to see a hypnotist and the second after using an app for relaxation/sleep. Now I won't touch any form just to be safe.


I did hypnobirthing cd with my son in 2014 and had pp. I often wondered if there's was a link but there is no research. I had a daughter last year and no pp. I avoided hypnobirthing but did yoga.

I think there is a need for more research. I've been part of a study with prof Ian Jones and I made sure hypnobirthing was recorded on notes but he said it's not a common theme, lack of sleep is the main theme x


I didn't directly use hypnobirthing when I had my first baby last May but had learnt a technique called "the lightening process". I learnt this to recover from Chronic Fatigue syndrome in 2009 and it does involve hypno techniques & I believe enabled me to somehow get fully dilated at home! (I ended up having an emergency c section as my baby was back to back).

I was diagnosed with PP 2 weeks after her birth & I do think this had an impact. It's as though you exhaust your brain by "mind over matter" and focusing on staying relaxed and calm. The whole experience has made me realise how clever the mind is and how anyone can be affected by PP.

I did have lack of sleep too, but as you say much more research is needed. X


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