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Recovering slowly

Hi Everyone,

I'm so glad to have found this website and community. I've been reading your posts all the time. I was diagnosed with PPP 9 months post partum. I've had it since the birth but was able to his it well. I knew something was off because I was over protective of the baby and had weird thoughts and paranoia but somehow I was able to hide it well. Now I'm on Zyprexa and feeling really scared that'll I'll have to be on it for the rest of my life because I can't sleep without it. Im obsessing about how Zyprexa will shorten my life and i won't get to see my baby grow. Have any of you had similar thoughts about meds. However, I am greatful because if not for the zyprexa I wouldn't be here because the psychotic break was so severe that I lost touch with reality.

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I mean I was able to hide it well


Hello Lanalip

Welcome to the forum and I'm glad you have been reading the posts here. It must have been such a struggle trying to hide the symptoms of PP. I'm sorry that you are feeling scared about the medication you are taking. There is a website which might be helpful choiceandmedication.org/ncm... which will give you information about Zyprexa (Olanzapine). I have taken a quick look and according to the site this medication is not really addictive. "If you have taken it for a long time you may get some mild effects if you stop it suddenly. The main problem would be your symptoms coming back, which can happen within a few days ....."

PP is such a traumatic illness to overcome but with good medical care and support you will be able to fully recover eventually. It would be a good idea to discuss your fears with your psychiatrist if possible, or your G.P. Treatment seems to vary depending on where you live, either here in the UK or abroad.

My PP was many years ago and medications have changed. I didn't take the medication you mention, but there will be other mums here with their good advice, so try not to worry although I know it's not easy. Be proud of how strong you must be to have come this far and take very good care of yourself.

We can all relate to how you feel so you're not alone ..... we are all here to support you.


You must do the best for the tiny life you have brought into this world . But you must remember that you have a duty of care for yourself for the sake of that small life . We can only walk the path we are given but I suppose we must live this life to the full in whatever way we are able to fill it further,


It is only at whenever we need that we are here to lean on the care we share with each other


Hi Lanalip

Sorry that you struggled for so long without support. I'm glad that the medication as helped you to get a bit better.

Is there evidence that Zypraxia is bad for you / shortens your life? What does your psychiatrist say? I am sure they wouldn't have prescribed it if it was such a risk for you? Many people are on anti psychotic medication for many years, even for a life time, if they have long term mental health conditions, and they are generally safe to take. I wonder if you can talk about your concerns with your psychiatrist?

I wonder if some of those thoughts you're having about the meds is just having some negative thoughts that aren't really based in reality? I know I did when I was recovering. I remember obsessing that I couldn't do night feeds because I would become ill again if I didn't have a full night's sleep, though that wasn't actually true and based in reality, it was just I was still recovering and so very fearful and anxious. I hope that makes sense?

I also wanted to say you're not alone, and you will continue to get better. X

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Thank you so much for your reply. What you are saying makes sense, that maybe im still so shaken by the experience that my thinking is skew and not based in reality about the medication. And you're right there are people that are on much higher dosages of these meds for their whole lives. PP feels like a bad dream.


I thought I was doing well but have just had another episode of physchpsus 18 months after my son was born (I'm currents in a mental health unit trying to get meds right). This happened after a heavy night drinking, has anyone else experienced a set back due to alcohol? I'm now in a unit trying to stabilise again. Any similar experiences would be useful to hear about. I'm now back on olanzipine 5mg...


Hi Orea, sorry to hear you have had a setback. I hope you are managing to rest whilst in hospital and the right balance of meds is found for you to continue your recovery soon.

I don't have experience of the issues you mention, perhaps if you wanted to start a new post there might be others who can share experiences and encouragement for you.

Take care and wishing you all the best, xx


Hi orea I'm so sorry to hear you've had a relapse. How are you doing now? I hope you can rest and are beginning to recover.

I haven't had experience of a relapse but I know it's always a risk. I hope you get some replies on here from people who may have.

Take care, thinking of you, write whenever you need to


My mums on zyprexa from pp and been on for years, she's seen all her kids grow up plus now enjoying her grandkids . No one except family know she's on medicine. Noones mentioned anything re a shorter life to her...has a Dr said that to you?

Follow the doctors advice re medicine to the letter. I didn't and ended up on meds six months longer than the plan was originally.


I'm so glad to hear that your mom has been on zyprexa for years and is healthy and living well. That gives me so much hope that even if I have to be on it for my whole life, I'll be healthy and live a long time

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