5 Months PP update

5 Months PP update

So, LO is nearing 5 months on monday! he is the sweetest, happiest little baby boy. I am doing well. I am off my AP and strictly on lamotrigine for the time being. We are enjoying breastfeeding and cuddling and my other boys just adore him. I am pretty sure I had typical baby blues for a few weeks. I can't seem to lose my baby fat :( no period yet either, though it feels like it could start at any moment!!! here is the little chub :) anyway, wanted to update you ladies. I have gotten so much from this community!

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  • Hi twoundertwo,

    How lovely to read your update and thank you for sharing your gorgeous pic :)

    I'm very happy to hear things are going well. Don't worry about the baby weight!

    Enjoy those cuddles with your beautiful boy, I hope everything continues to go well. My son is 9 months now, it's gone so fast!

    Take care xx

  • Hi twoundertwo,

    What a gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing, and your update too. It's good to hear that things are going well and your boys are a source of joy to you. I am sure you have plenty of time to lose the baby weight (I am still saying that to myself!) and if you are concerned about your period, perhaps a Dr can advise? I know it's not uncommon after a baby.

    It's lovely to hear that you have found the shared experiences here helpful. All the best, enjoy those lovely boys, take care xx

  • Hello twoundertwo

    Such a cute bundle of joy! Really pleased you are well and enjoying a special family time.

    I hope you are taking time out to rest when you can. Take care. xx

  • thanks everyone!!! I hope everyone here is doing well.

  • Hi I meant to add my congrats too and so wonderful you stayed well...what an absolute cutey 😊

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