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Going crazy

Hi, ive just been to the doctors and im being referred to a specialist but haven't been diagnosed yet.

I've been getting really frightened at night, thinking someone is in my house, i also thought id seen someone following me and shouting but now im unsure if that was real?!

I get really down for no reason, crying over spilt calpol like some one had died.

Then on Monday i stole something from someone and have no memory of it at all!

Im terrified now that im losing my mind and that i might do something to put my baby in danger wirhout even realising.

Has anyone else had these kind of things happen?

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Hello Password85

Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of helpful advice. I'm sorry you are having such a frightening time. How long is it since your baby was born? All the mums on here have had Postpartum Psychosis (PP) which is a severe temporary mental illness following childbirth. Do you know what sort of specialist you will be referred to as this might give a clue to a possible diagnosis? Do you know how long it will be before you can be seen? (Sorry for the questions!).

I had PP twice many years ago and suffered with delusions and hearing voices so I understand how worried you must be. Do you have family to talk to about your worries and support you with your baby? Have you asked your Doctor if you can have any help, such as a Health Visitor to talk to, for support?

I suppose until you have seen a specialist, your Doctor is unable to give you a diagnosis but he might have an idea of what it could be. Perhaps if you are still unsettled, someone could speak to the Doctor on your behalf. If you live in the UK you can also visit your local hospital's A & E, just for advice if you feel unable to cope. The Samaritans are also available 24 / 7 on 116 123 if you just need to talk with someone.

Take good care of yourself can also talk here anytime.


Hi Password85

I'm so sorry you're feeling frightened. You are not alone. We are here for you, and you will get better. I had many delusions when I had PP, and didn't know what was real and not real. It's really important you get support. Have you told family and friends how you feel? If you don't feel safe ask someone to be with you, so you are not alone, if this is possible?

As Lilybeth says, if you feel bad, and unsafe, you can go to A&E (this is what I did), or call the Samaritans.

I do hope you can get the support you need soon. You can write where whenever you need to.

Take care X


Hello Password85

How have you been since you posted here? I hope you have found some support and advice today. Please let us know if we can help at all.

Stay safe and take care .....


Hello Password85, I don't have much to add to the great tips shared already with you from others here with shared experience. I was ill after the birth of my 1st child in 2009 and remember all too well what a scary experience it can be, especially working out what is real and what isn't. Take care, keep safe, with the right support and treatment, you can get well again for you and your baby. xx


Hello Password

Have you had your appointment with the specialist yet to give you a diagnosis? I hope you are being supported by family while you wait.

Stay safe and take care.


Hello Password

Just wondering how you are and if you have had your specialist appointment yet? I hope you are ok.

Take good care ... thinking of you.


Hello Password85

It's been a while since you posted and I wondered how you are. Did you see the specialist for a diagnosis as planned? I hope you are ok.

Take good care.


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