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Hows that for timing cookie,you called,I answered!

Anyways,not happy today,very bad news,very,very,very bad,Tina is leaving Corrie.Yes,I know I am old enough to be her Dad but that's not the point,I have a young mind,things will never be the same for me,I feel a relapse is unavoidable.I have already sought solace in Morrisons fizzy dummies but to no avail.I need to be strong I know but when the girl you love leaves the street what is there left.I tried to tell her how I feel but the Police told me to leave her alone,bastards!

Anyway,watching Restoration Man,its all about drying hops,no good to me is it,a recovering alky!

So,the weekend is almost over,gym in the morning,really like going to the gym,people are often taken aback by my age,not that I look particularly younger than my years 49 and 9 months but the fact is,I am in pretty good shape and not for my age but in general,how good is that!

Another group meeting Tuesday,I am looking into other groups next week,see what I can find out,will let you know.

Do try to have a good week and don't worry about me,Im over her,bitch!

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Hi Castel - hope you can find some good groups to help you get over losing Tina! ;) It's funny how we get used to people on "the box", isn't it, and miss them when they've gone!!! Hope you find someone to replace her in your affections soon! ;)




Me to

I am the same when Peter Andre stops doing his "My Life "

Still cant understand what he see's in that young Girlfriend he has now ...if only he knew I was here ;-)

Hope you have a good day




Well, I'm waiting for Kevin Kline to leave his wife - but he ain't going to :'( xxx


Tina's leaving?? Oh no! I was doing ok til I read that. x


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