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Cbt for sleep ?

Any one help? Ive been having problems over the last 2 months with my sleep (never happened before). Doctors gave me sleeping pills which i have been taking every night which only masks the problem. I am doing the whole sleep hygiene thing and things have improved slightly and last night i went without a sleeping pill for the first time in weeks. Not the best sleep at all, maybe a few hours on and off. Anyway, cbt starts on monday, any one experienced positive things from cbt for sleep problems? Any advice would be great. Thanks

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Should add that i exercise 3-4 times a week too.......


And has anyone gone through this and got there sleep pattern back to normal. Before this i slept 7-8 hours a night. Thanks



Just thought,

do you drink caffiene drinks?

Is the exercise you do, manic type exercise or long and steady, like a good walk.

Good diet, low in salt and sugar, plenty of fruit and veg. proteins.........

Are you playing computer games, phone games, ipad etc or even tele can be a stressor/stimulator.

Maybe if you could try to take out all the things that are making you hyper, things might go back to normal.

Is your job, a high stress one?

Relaxation tapes are good, like I said before a long relaxing walk, it's still exercise but without the adrenaline.

Do you feel you are rushing everywhere, or taking it as it comes in a relaxed manner.

The nhs sleep live might be able to answer your questions better, I'm just thinking out loud :-)

Hope something I've said rings a bell.

All the best




Hi B thanks for your reply and info. I dont drink coffee and dont use my phone etc late at night. I stopped doing high impact exercise like zumba etc for weeks and made no difference. So i have started it again, but i make sure its an early class. Ive even started reading books to chill out at night time. Really tried everything..... I think taking sleeping pills hasnt helped as it was just masking the problem. Im hoping cbt helps x


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