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Rediscovered radio


morning everyone :)

I find when I am feeling anxious or depression, or sad as I call it, sometimes I just sit in total silence feeling miserable. I don't watch TV so I don't have that as a distraction or for company and an empty day can feel ever worse. I don't listen to music because it's too much effort to choose a CD tha fits my mood.

So I have rediscoved radio, you can just stick it on in the background and I find myself laughing at the silly jokes or singing along to songs I haven't heard for years. If you are looking for a pleasant distraction give the radio a go!

I'm listening to Radio2 as I type :) x

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I too use my radio as a distraction. I plug in my earphones and listen to Classic FM or sometimes a play and I find it an enormous help when trying to relax. I also do the same with my I pad which has loads of soothing music on it. Anything that concentrates your mind on something else seems to help in relaxing.


I listen to radio 2, love it.............. I know what you mean when you say sometimes you sit in silcence , I do that when Im really anxious but its exactly the time when I should be doing something to get me out of it..........


I find music a bit of a minefield, and listening to the news. Certain songs make me feel far too sad so I'm not fond of random music. I sometimes leave shops if their music is too morose! Radio 2 can be pretty safe a lot of the time though.

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