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Anyone having eye contact OCD?


How does eye-contact eye-contact OCD manifests?

Your eye-contact is conscious. You’ve started to be constantly aware that you are in eye-contact with people (when you are in it). To hold eye-contact is completely natural, of course. It is also natural to be conscious about it sometimes. What is not natural is to be always or most of the time aware of it.

Eye-contact gives you anxious feelings. Soon or later, concious eye-contact turned into something more – anxious eye-contact. You don’t feel good or neutral about eye-contact anymore, you feel bad about it. You tend to avoid it. You might have physical symptoms like strong hearbeat, chest tightness, pain in stomach or something else.

You probably also feel that your eye-contact is weird. Since you started being conciouss about eye-contact, you may feel that it is not “natural” anymore, that it is different how you react with your eyes when in face-to-face contact now, and possibly that people can recognize that something is wrong.

Maybe you also feel that your eye-contact intimidates people. Not only you think people can recognize that something is not normal about how you look into their eyes, you also believe that the way you look makes people feel discomfort, that they don’t like it and that they might avoid talking to you because of that.

That is what I am passing through:(((

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Hi there,

I hate both giving and receiving eye contact, prolonged contact. I had to tell a white lie the other day and made sure I made eye contact so the person would think I was telling the truth lol I was so conscious of putting my hand on my face too. I'm no good at lying but think I got away with it xxx

In the off chance that you receive this reply: I came across your comment and I have to say it's exactly what I have been going through for too long a time. I showed it to my partner to read, as I've had trouble explaining this to him and anyone really. The fact that it is OCD is a new revelation and I feel relief to have a name for it and therefore a starting point in finding a way to overcome it. I was wondering how you were doing 2 years on? if you feel like sharing I would benefit from hearing from you. Thank you for your post, I don't feel as alone.

Peter123 in reply to hen14


I have had the same for so long and I am tired of it. I would like to share experiences if you are up for it? I do not know how to get out of this but maybe together we can find a way. Anyways, glad to hear I am not alone.

Hi, I have the exact same problem and I was wondering how you guys have been doing... Maybe we can share experiences. Feel free to message me!

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