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2 days ago i swallowed something and it got stuck yesterday i took a tablet and that got stuck i went to a/e and they gave me buscopan

to relax my throat i can drink and eat a little but it feels hard to swallow and when i have i burp straight after i have anxiety depression and stress do you think this is the reason for this or is it in my mind does anyone else have these problems i am frightened of this feeling in case i go to sleep and stop breathing altogether this may sound stupid but it scares me

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No it doesn't sound stupid , not at all , if that happened to me I would have the same fear

I sometimes can be eating or it mostly happens when having a drink , tea or juice & it feels its stuck , it wont go down & it may not sound nice but I have to spit it out & that feels like its a struggle to even spit it out as it feels stuck in my throat & wont move one way or the other

I do put mine down to anxiety as I no I have digestive problems from feeling anxious

I would go & see your GP & tell them your fears just so they can put your mind at rest





today i have seen a doctor and he thinks i have caught the back of my throat it felt a bit better today but then had a coughing fit and it feel as though something is there again i'm hopeing its just flared up again with coughing and nothing else


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