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Being sick whilst on Antidepressants

This is going to sound a little odd of a question and not a pleasant kind of question.. I do apologise, I have GAD so I worry about anything and everything.. a lot of the time to do with my health. But in the past, I've had quite a bad immune system and can get sick over anything a lot of the time. I take Vitamin B complex, and I think this has helped my immune system. Whilst I haven't been sick whilst on these new tablets (touch wood!) but say I did eat something dodgy and it didn't agree with me. I take Mirtazapine before going to sleep, and it usually knocks me out within 30-45 mins.. say I went to sleep, and then got up an hour or so later and was sick. Would the Mirtazapine be in my blood stream by then? Or would I actually be bringing it up if I was sick? I'm so so scared of ever forgetting my tablet, I always set my alarm and thankfully have never forgotten to take an Antidepressant. I suppose I'm scared of the effects of the next day.. the withdrawal effects would kick in straight away I would assume and I've developed a fear of being sick/ill. :(

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Hi, I have health anxiety and a crap immune system. If your sick in the night after 30 to 45 mins of taking your meds I should imagine it would already be in your bloodstreem but that sounds like a question for a docter. Scared of being sick myself. If that ever happens I personally wouldnt take another pill till the next day. X


Hey :) Ahh right, health anxiety with having a bad immune system too really is crap. I would assume so too, that it would be already in my bloodstream (considering how quickly they knock me out haha) and I wouldn't want to take another just in case it was already in bloodstream but then as you say, it's something I should ask my doctor if it happens. I used to be sick quite often because of eating something dodgy, but luckily that hasn't happened in a while. I just get so scared of getting food poisioning etc. And hospitals scare me a lot! (I have a fear of fainting too.. I think it's all connected) even talking about going in to hospital makes me feel anxious. But then, who does like hospitals!? xx


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