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Its quiet today in my little Close,the Kids are off school but they don't seem to be out.Its quite a nice day,the Sun is out but its a little chilly.As I stare out the window,I am thinking how much better I am feeling rather than "I feel like shit".Sure,I still feel a little anxious in the pit of my stomach but I just ask myself,"I wonder when that feeling will go and I no longer feel any anxiety at all".

It will happen,Im sure of it,I just need to get back into my normal routine,not been eating normally,not felt hungry really.Not been the gym for a week or on the bike,not because Im down,far from it ,just kind of enjoying doing nothing and feeling good about it.Im not a do nothing person,never have been,maybe that's the issue,always looking for something to do and putting pressure on myself.

The other thing I am is critical,of everyone and everything,that needs to stop also,thats another way of getting stressed for no reason.

I have been having a good look at myself recently,self inflicting problems upon myself and yes,if you like,creating my own anxiety.Well that is going to stop,dont let others get to you,dont let situations wind you up,take a chill pill as my Son would say.

This I think is the answer for me,be honest with myself,after all,if its in my mind then I put it there and I can remove it,damn right I can.

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absolutely brilliant,great blog, you are right in the zone,your son is spot on, anxiety does make you very self critical but you know that, well done, so positive , must try this chill pill , x x x


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