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After giving up my job recently to try and find a less stressful role, I'm finding I still feel very nervous about returning to the workplace.

I have thought about this and it would be so easy to do nothing at this stage, but I've thought about my survival and came to the conclusion I must do something or it could get even harder for me to go back to work.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a volunteer bureau, to discuss becoming a volunteer for a short while, I was thinking of 2 days per week, this may help me meet people too. Not sure what sort of work I will do but hopefully something I enjoy.

I hope I get something interesting and exciting to do...........

:). Sue

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Well done sue,

I think not only will it keep you occupied but will also give you a feeling of fulfilment , helping others is so rewarding. I don't know what your job was but I hope this is less stressful and you enjoy it.

Good luck xxx


Thank you cookie patch

I will eventually need to do some paid work, but think this is a good way of keeping my hand job was quite high profile mad the decision to quit not easy, but I did it :)



Hi,its the best thing you could do,dont be sat at home thinking about stuff,that has been a major issue for me,too much thinking time.I am looking at things in a different way now and went to my first group last week.The lady who takes the group is a volunteer who has had problems herself and now wants to help others.I found the meeting very interesting,just talking about my issues was quite liberating and I felt better afterwards.I think volunteering will give you a greater sense of well being than paid employment because after all, most people just work for the money and many do not like their jobs,try it,you might like it!


Thank you for your input to this. Yes I thought it was a good way forward

Sue :) x


Well done hun & good for you

Let us no how it goes





Thanks why why

I will keep all informed !!

Love sue x x x x


Brilliant idea, Sleepless, good luck with it, really hope you find something you enjoy and keeps you occupied! DO let us know how you get on - can't wait to hear! :)




Well done Sue! I do volunteer work on Saturdays as well as working full time. Its the only thing thats got me through since Christmas. Don't forget you can always work wih animals if you think that might be easier? I found the social interaction with people earlier in the year too daunting, but i work with animals now so the humans are optional! Its really helped me i think. Also keeps a rountine going for 6/7 days, if i could do 7 i would, but i don't think thats a good idea for me, even though i hate the free day i think i'd burn myself out. Don't forget to contact charities direct too, and maybe youth hostels, YHA have alot of volunteer slots advertised. Best of luck xx


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