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Another Mirtazapine question.. but this time about the brand

I've just got my tablets for the next few weeks. One was what I've been having the past month or so.. The manufacturer is Milpham. But I've also received another box, different looking tablets and the manufacturer is Teva. This doesn't help my anxiety, as I have GAD and worry about anything and everything so of course I feel apprehensive about these different ones although they still are Mirtazapine. Has anyone else had this? Also, I've heard about brand name and generic and that some people have noticed a difference... A bit of a silly question, but what is the difference between brand name and generic?

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Hi Chellebells, not a silly question at all. I think the generic name is the accepted name for a certain drug, the brand name is the name given to it by the manufacturer. Different manufacturers are given licenses to make certain drugs. I take medication for high blood pressure and seem to get a different box every month! Try not to worry, as you said its all Mirtazapine, just each manufacturer may decide to make their tablets a different size or shape. HTH.


Thank you. Ah right, that makes sense. Though it does seem odd how people can have difference reactions to just a different manufacturer.. I could only assume that there could be ingredient differences. I wish they would just stick to one, but then that would just be personal preference. You're right, as long as it's Mirtazapine. :) xx


Hi I've just checked my mirtazapine for you and I've got two different manufacturer names and both are different to the ones you mention. Hope this helps but if not just check with pharmacy. they should make it clear as ths doesnt help with anxiety does it! love eve x


hi ive just joined cause i saw your question. i work in a pharmacy and the reason your mirtazipine comes in different packages is this. when a drug is discovered the company who discovered it are given the licence to that drug usually for approx ten years. this is to provide the company with recompense for all the money they have spent on research and development so it like a patent. they will often give thier drug a brand name like calpol for instance. when the license runs out it means that all the drug companies are now free to manufacture the drug but cannot use the brand name as it is exclusive. so they use the actual drug name which in the case of calpol would be paracetamol suspension. their are lots of different manufacturers of drugs and the suppliers who provide the pharmacy will always try and source the best deals available to them. prices change regularly so the pharmacy who orders the drug mirtazipine will find that the manufacturer differs regularly. the important thing to remeber is that you are still getting the same drug. this NEVER changes. the lactose or the binding agent might be cheaper or the shape not so pretty but its all just money saving. it does not interfere in anyway with the actual chemical that you need. hope this helps.

and ive just started mirtazipine after using citalopram for eight years. i only came on this ste to look up PTSD which ive just been diagnosed with. so i totally understand your fears about not knowing.

apologies for the rotten spelling!


Thank you for the responses! That's helped me a lot, thanks! :)


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