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Can't sleep and the pains and feelings are out this world

I can't sleep for shit every time I try it feels like am being smothered and that am not breathing also feels like my pulse is not strong and maybe when am normal I don't no I am normal so this anxiety or whatever it is is never going to go I can't cope I keep thinking what's the point in life I mean I have work in four hours n I have not slept yet I just keep getting pains in my left side and vibrations n ringing ears and hot sweats and feel like am out my body and mist the list goes on please tell me I am ok and you are all the same I can't COPE feel like am dieing I'm only twenty:(x

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Its ok John there is light at the end of the day I was feeling exactly the same last week with very similar symptoms but now a week on im still not 100% (have constant light headed Ness) but better than I did keep going hon keep posting on here it does help its helped me loads x


Hi Well I can say one thing I have suffered from nerves for years.

I always eat , sounds odd but it you are nervous you feel full and feel you cant eat and this makes you worse, I keep away from coffee , as that gets your nervous system worked up

No drinking , makes you worse.

I take mega B complex . this helps your nervous system (but check with your doctor before doing so if on any medication ) lots of help groups to go to as well , this is maybe a idea for you .

Hope this helps a little.B


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