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Hi,Have to tell you all about yesterday,a good day and night.Went to the Doctors in the morning,he prescribed Paroxetine.I took one immediately and in the afternoon went to my C.A.R.M. meeting that I have previously mentioned.C.A.R.M. is Community Assisted Recovery Model and is aimed at recovering addicts who suffer a multitude of mental issues including anxiety.I sat with 8 others, we talked about our issues,we had a brew,we talked a little more.Well people,i left this place feeling calmer,happier and all we had done was talked.Thats the point here,talking,talking to like minded people who understand.I felt pretty calm all evening,fairly happy sat watching football and then the biggy.I went to bed at 11 and slept,oh did I sleep,till 5am,wonderful.I awoke less stressed and today has been pretty good.My Mother noticed my upbeat tone over the phone.Now,I don't know what has caused this and if it will last but I do feel calmer and wanted to share this with you.Find a similar group near you and talk,talk,cry,swear whatever,it helps.Others will inspire you with their recovery,they will support you to get better.Trust me,since yesterday,my views have changed and that's after just one meeting,brilliant.Take care.

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Hi there, I couldn't agree more, it's good to talk.

When I was a recovering addict, years ago, I went to a psychiatrist for four yrs and it helped me no end.

So happy you have had a great day, many more to come.

Love cookie xxx


Thank you for that,I just want people to know the change I feel within,not 100% yet but so much calmer,I want others to benefit from my experience because a month ago I was a big sceptic,not anymore.Dont be afraid or ashamed to share all your fears with others,yesterday I met 7 strangers who all talked openly about everything and it felt good.You don't have to be in recovery,I have not had a drink for 6 years,dont even think about it,I was made welcome,try it people.


Please be aware that the medication you have been perscribed is very very addictive!! get off now while you are able!!!!


Hi Castel. A lovely positive post :) Glad to hear that the session made a big difference for you and I hope it keeps up. It sounds like you are in a great frame of mind, it can only get better. And i know what you mean about having a good sleep, it's a blessing when you get it! :) All the best x


Thank you so much,your little smilies are a tonic.


Hi Castel, so lovely to hear that you are feeling so good. Read some of your other posts and seems you're on a roll with the giving up the coffee, having a good nights sleep and getting to the group; so many positive things!. I hope you continue to feel better, Im sure getting out and about and the group will help. All the best.


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