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My anxiety

Hi all this last mth as just been alot of anxiety. I have had it with me more then i havent, i can feel it with me now as im writing this. My health anxiety i feel is high at the moment to. Its on my mind most the time which isnt helping me at all. Ive knocked the coffee on the head and havent had none for about a wk as i feel that it meks it worse. Last nite i had pains in my chest which i know it was anxiety as i had the adrenlin rush to and other symptoms to. Even thou i know its anxiety it doesnt stop u thinking theres more to it. Im fed up of it, i can see now just how good i was doing all those mths. It saddens me to think its got that bit of grip on me again. I will get a grip on it again we always do, it wont hold me down for long. I havent even been taken my tablet everyday because ive the fear for that coming back. Ive been on them nearlly a yr so y ive got fear i dont know. Xxx

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It's just one of those things and at the end of the day we are human beings!

Just be proud of yourself for how far you've come.

Try and be positive!

Take care x



Sorry to hear your having a bad time with lots of anxiety but you have coped over the last few months. You should be giving yourself some praise for doing so well. Unfortunately we all get set backs i have experienced really good days then bang i am back into panic mode. You said you haven't been taking your tablets but i am sure this will help you in short term to get back on track.

Its like a circle anxiety and you have done well so i am sure you will be feeling a little better soon and regain the confidence you had.

I wish you luck keep posting.

Hugs Seyi xxx


Hi donaf

I think you have done fantastic

You have had alot of pressure at times & got through

You are strong my love & i no this will pass & you will keep moving foward





Hello Donaf

If you are strong enough to sit and type then there is hope. Though why stop taking the tablet?



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