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Hi.how do you people convince yourselves that your medication works.I have major issues with accepting that tablets will do the job,very negative thoughts towards them hence they don't seem to work.Am I a medical freak who is immune to medication,sometimes it feels that way.I simply want a tablet to do exactly what it says it will,how do you convince yourself?

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I think what we tell ourselves goes a huge way to how we feel. If we tell ourselves the tablets won't work, you may not be able to accept that it is them making you feel a little better if that happens, telling yourself its for other reasons.. How you convince yourself ... I don't know. I think I just accept that if they work for millions around the world, why wouldn't they work for me ... ? What would make me so different. if you want to take medication but aren't convinced, could you just think of it as an experiment, have an open mind, and say Im going to try these for a certain period of time ... ?

I don't think just medication is the answer, but I do believe they help, along with counselling, self help, cbt etc, etc, ... Everyone just has to find a path that works for them.


Hi castel, I've convinced myself my meds are def not doing the job as I'm not feeling any better after the 6 weeks I've been on them, although they were only doubled 2weeks ago. But still, I feel that's long enough. I'm feeling I've been fobbed off with a placebo lol. Xxx


Medication for me wasn't the answer either, I hated taking them, but they allowed me to get a career, initially, and lead a normal life ish. untill my world came tumbling down once again.

I'm free of anxiety drugs now, but it took 30 years of my life untill I realised it was only me that could sort out this anxiety, with the help of therapists.

I wouldn't suggest just giving them up though as you may get a backlash. I would first put in place, your coping mechanisms that work for you, a daily routine, and learn, most of all, learn about YOU.

I do mindfullness and relaxation now, I was shown this 29 years ago on a basic level but wasnt ready to do it skillfully, I ran back to my anxiety, my safety, although we are never really safe there, and it look half my life away.

Anxiety, generates a need to try and control things, but in the end when we look clearly we never can control our environment or other people, so we must let go of these things, and learn about our minds, Inside ourselves there is so much love, safety, and peace, I truelly wonder why I didnt do it 29 years ago. this may not help everyone, but really what have you got to loose ? half a life?

I choose life now



Thanks for the earlier message and sorry for the late reply.

Regarding the question about: "how do you convince yourself your medication works" ...

Perhaps you are are already convinced medication is not ideal, but at the same time understand you need some form of medicaiton. In other words, maybe try to accept taking medication is a temporary thing until you discover something better.

If you keep on searching you are sure to dicover just what is best for you, hopefully. Even so, medicaiton is so useful.

Hope this helps,

SL : )



I'm 3 weeks into my medication, oh my the first two weeks were horrendous now it seems my brain has settled down but my body still suffers the symptoms of anxiety (uncontrollable shaking).

I feel medication masks the problems and I'm trying to work towards a permanent solution - suffered for years so not 100% this will happen but I'm trying to be positive which a month ago wasn't even a possibility.

Medication plus self help, counselling, finding an achievable goal (however small) can ease the pain. Take care and keep warm.


Anti d's gave me back my life it stoped the parlazing anxiety. I stayed on the starting dose of 75mg efloxer been on them 6 years. I still get a little break through anxiety and I get down but I do ok. At least I can go to the shops and live a farily normal life.


ANY psychiatric meds have so many variables from person to person that you are very likely going to have to try more than one (or three or five, or in my case, 13) before you find a good fit. Keep your doctor informed of side effects and effects on your mood and functionality. It's not at all an ideal situation, but for some people (like me) it's a matter of life and death. You've got to be patient with the process and hold on to hope or stubbornness to get you to the point where you and your doctors find something that really helps. PLEASE do not give up on meds because you've gotten a few duds or scary side effects in the past. If you can function (shower, do laundry, go to the store, feed yourself, and keep a job), you might not need meds, and therapy might be the way to go for a while. If you're not functioning well, you've been dealt a raw deal, and part of that deal is the sometimes painful exploration of psychopharmacology. I know it's frustrating. I wish you the best, and keep us posted!


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