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Was offered a new job today,thought it might help the old anxiety,new start and everything.Decided to turn it down,had to tell a couple of lies to get it.Been feeling riddled with guilt all day,not good for anxiety.Turned the job down,dont feel 100% up to it but could not stand the guilt or the fear of discovery.None of this was caused by anxiety but certainly helped it along,just a little advice,sorry.

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Got offered three jobs but as spine and knees are degenerating I couldn't do them, I am so low because my head can still be good for it and this has set off my depression and anxiety again. Go for it, don't let it get in the way of a fresh and exciting start. Could be the best tonic ever. I can't follow my dreams in a job but if you have a glimmer of it working grab onto it and enjoy the ride xxx


You are so right. We have to make the start somewhere. Take the opportunity of this new job castelnaudry as this is the way forward, if only for a while. At least you know you've tried, which is the main thing. First day is not going to be great (it would not be great even if you did not suffer from anxiety) so 'go with the flow' and enjoy.



I think u gave yourself an answer.Telling lies it s not easy,even worst if u suffer of anxiety.U should make your life easier and not more complicated.Next time maybe u shouldn't lie and u won't have to deal with guit and anxiety but only with anxiety which is bad enough.Be kind to yourself and take this as experience to do better next time,knowing that u struggle to deal with both.




Well done in being offered a job! Loads of people lie to get a job but the fact that your conscience is telling you that you didn't do it right this time, speaks volumes (of praise) about you. Keep on keeping on - there'll be other chances.


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