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Why do I keep feeling like this

I keep having awful attacks where I have what feels like a big lump in my upper stomach and it feels like I am having a heart attack, had it last night and just feel so anxious and depressed this morning. I have had so many tests but my doc says that it must be the anxiety causing it. I am stating therapy again in 3 weeks but I am 71 years old and have had this anxiety and panic about dying and having a heart attack for 10 years now. Does anyone on here have issues with digestion because my food never seems to go down for hours and then I get all this lump and terrible noises in my stomach. Surely this is not all anxiety?

Sorry to go on but feel so alone

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Indigestion or irritable bowel is a common symtom of anxiety. Are you on any medication, and are you seeking some kind of therapy or treatment for the anxiety?


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