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Busy site today?

This site seems to busy today,we all must be feeling down and on a Sunday too.I only want to say what a good site,what would we be like without it?Lovely friendly people,wish we could all be happy.Seem to be a few newbies on today ,so welcome,you will be looked after on this site,and importantly I love the humour and the being able to laugh at ourselves when we feel troubled ,love yous!

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Lovely post Lindalou & you are right my Love

Think a little sun would help us all ...hope it wont be long , we can sit outside

I to wish I could wave a magic wand over us all , but like you have said we have each other & we will get there together

Hope you have a good day





Yes i think we all feeling the weather i have such a rough weekend and feeling as though my anxiety is back on its way up these last few weeks but gona keep going and try and help those who are new to the site even though i am under the weather myself surely things can only get better for all us lovely people like whywhy says we have each other and arnt alone xxxx


Hi lindalou the site is really busy. Each time I log on it amazes me how many people are suffering. It's very comforting for people to know they are not alone. I've just had a few difficult days and this site keeps me sane. We need the cold weather to move on now so we can see the beautiful daffodils popping up. Love to everyone eve x


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