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Hi everyone :)

I have just joined this community today (I am glad I found it!) so forgive me if this is not allowed!

I have recently started writing a blog all about my experiences with anxiety and what I am trying to do to work through it and I thought some of you might be interested in having a look. Initially I just started it as a diary for myself but it has become a way of connecting with people experiencing similar problems which I think is a positive thing. (we need to support each other!)

The blog is here:

And some recent entries are here:

Please pop over and have a look if you have time, I would love to hear your thoughts on it :)

Again I am sorry if this is not allowed, just leave me a comment and I will delete the links.

Thanks and take care,

Viky xx


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9 Replies

  • Dear Vickyjane,

    Welcome to this site. It is very nice to have you here. I read a few things of your blog and recent entries and i thought it was quite nice.

    Kindest regards,


  • Thank you Marcus! I tried to reply to your comment but it wouldn't let me! Thanks for having a look, that means a lot! Take care, Viky :)

  • Hi Vikyjane,

    I popped across to read your blog and it's great. I could really empathise with your experience and I love the way your optimism shine through :)

    Welcome to the site. I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Best Wishes,


    PS - This site works really well but there are the occasional bugs and I find I can use the reply function fine on my laptop but not on my phone.

  • Hi Lizard :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot to me. I try to stay positive and keep smiling even though it's really hard a lot of the time.

    I have just been reading some posts on here and it's good to see there are other people like me out there, although I am sad they have to be going through this!

    Thanks again, Viky :)

  • Hi Viky

    I just read your blog and I am crying. I am suffering from these things just like you. I felt like I was the only person in the world feeling like this....i am going to keep reading your blog and learn from you. If you can do things then so can I!!! I just wish I had a 'crutch' like you do.

    Take care

    Radley xxx

  • Hello Vicky : )

    Hope you are picking up and feeling encouraged to move on in life. I read your "blog" and understand from my own experience of avoiding certain situations, all because of the way we feel.

    What I have learned is sometimes we do have a duty to avoid in life certain people and situations. Some people are just bad news. : ) It's what makes the world go round, I suppose. Realisng this was really liberating : )

    Have a good day Vicky, Vince : )

  • nice to hear from you Vicky. have just been with the community myself for about a month now finding it all very helpful so would love to hear your blog. x

  • Love the idea of writing a blog. I keep a written journal and find it very helpful when it comes to gathering my thoughts. V Best Wishes M

  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for your comments, it won't let me reply to anyone, I get this "oh snap" message, lol. Working on keeping calm so I'm not gonna get stressed about it, but thanks again to you all. I started writing it as a means of therapy for myself but the idea of it ringing a bell with other people is great because we need all the support we can get! Thank you again, sorry I can't reply individually! xx

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