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Last nite was the first bit of anxiety I have had in a wk. I lay in bed and spoke to it but as I was I wrote it on a post. It really helped me, and it went quick which I was glad about. I did tell it that it could come back this morning if it wanted it but mr anxiety never showed up. He stud me up! How dare he really? He only as the nerve to show up when he feels like it which I think is so rude! That rudeness definatly won't get him anywhere and I'm sure going to fall out with him next time he stands me up xxx will u guys ask him to come say hello to you? To c if he stands u up to? Or she? Xxx

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Yes.your doing good........... look upon it as a visitor.....maybe unwelcome........but never the less it is a visitor and not part of the true you.regards/.....stde


Your a star donaf (if i could do one of those faces that have hands that clap , like Rose can do I would put one )

Proud of you & its great you are posting so we can all learn from you





Thats really good donaf wish i was feeling as positive as you but maybe it will come well done xxx


Yay well done!! :-) you are on the road to recover from your anxiety! Keep going hun xx


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