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Energy drinks could increase risk for anxiety, insomnia in teens

Child health experts in America have recommend pediatricians pay attention to how often teenagers consume energy drinks.

An article recently published by the American Academy of Pediatrics explores impact of the highly-caffeinated drinks on adolescents. The researchers say caffeine in large amounts may increase the risk for anxiety, insomnia, dehydration, digestive and cardiovascular problems in teens.

They suggest other pediatricians routinely ask teens about their energy drink consumption and discuss the possible risks with them.

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Hi yankiedoodle, since my nerous brkdwn i definatly wldnt drink an enery drink, i dnt even drink pop incase it increases my anxiety more. i can honestly say i havnt noticed a difference but im not a big fan of pop i much prefer my cup of tea + plus i think 1 can of pop isnt goin 2 cause anxiety, i think its if ur dinkin a lot more than this but i wld definatly stay away frm energy drinks. I hav a friend who does say shes had panick attacks of these energy drinks. I do think eveythin in moderation though bcause since my brkdwn i hav looked every possible awnser, is it my nose spray, is it this, is it that + can honestly say theres no link, think we are that desperate we do look 4 awnsers that arnt always there so as long as we do things in moderation. plus ive spent a fortune on herbal remedys, vitamins + herbal teas, hav tried nearly everything 4 anxiety wivout sucsess so now im a lot more cautios about searchin 4 never ending awnsers wen the problem is frm within that needs 2 b looked at. kindest regards leeanne.x


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