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Does anyone take amitryptilline for anxiety

I am asking as I used to take amitryptilline a few years ago for migraines. I knew amitryptilline was an ad but it is used in lots of other illnesses, mine was as a preventative (think it can block pain pathways). I used to take it before bed and it made me sleep like a log! I suffered really badly with migraines, affected my work, social life, relationships and although mine never seemed connected to menstrual cycle three years ago when I had the menopause they miraculously stopped! Anyway, I digress! I do have a few packets left and I know we shouldn't self-medicate but have now read that amitryptilline can be used for anxiety and I wondered if anyone takes it and/or has had any relief from their anxiety from it. Thanks, Kaz

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Hi Kaz

I was offered amitryptilline for migraines but couldnt take them , i did try but they knocked me out , was like a zombie & didnt want to walk round that way , unlike you i seem to be getting more migraine's in the menopause

When she did give them me though she did say if I could take them they would help my anxiety & yes I believe they are prescribed for that as well

However , I really wouldnt take the ones you have left , first if you have had them a long time in cupboard even if still in date , they have to have been stored correctly , then if you couldnt you how would you be in going to GP & explaining you had took them what you had left if not you would be back to square one again & i wouldnt self medicate , its not a good idea , even though I dont think they would harm you I would always ask me GP

Make an appointment & go & ask i am sure they might glady put you on them , but personally i would always ask first

Hope you are ok today





thanks Whywhy, I'm very tempted to try them but I can see what you mean! I had migraines for a out 30 years, Awful. I think they can get worse during the menopause, but mine seemed to stop after my very last period. I hope the same happens for you! not too bad today thanks, windows have been flung open, radio on, 2 loads of washing already done! being busy certainly helps, but I do have days when I just sit around like a zombie and have no motivation at all. I am going to cinema tomorrow, went out with friends last week on a quiz night. Not exciting I know, but I feel I need to have little things to look forward to, helps with the mundanity of day to day life. But spent most of Tuesday upset, anxious, mind whirring away, upset by thinking I had let someone down. Overthinking is my enemy! Hope you get on ok today. Kaz x


Go & see your GP , i am sure they will help

Thing is i had an hystrectomy , but they left my ovaries , so i still have hormones working but no periods , so I never no where the heck I am , as that is a sign as you no to knowing whats happening ! I just have blood tests to see where im at , & at the moment still in it last time I was checked , it gives me hope though to no someone else had the same problem & it goes , as I do worry over migraines , I get them every 3 to 4 weeks , sometimes more

Yes it is exciting a quiz , cinema & good on you getting out & you are right something to look forward to can be a big help with this

Try & let your tired mind have a rest , the person you had to let down it was for the right reasons , you are making yourself tired over thinking , bet they have not given it another thought !

Its ok to let people down , especially when its for the right reasons , keep telling yourself that

The other thing I am sure other people will be going & I am the same as you , think they will miss me & I have spoilt it because I didnt go !

Well come to realise nope that is not true lol

You are doing really well , give yourself some praise


whywhy xxx


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