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Hi, I was just wondering about anti-depressants, some people get worse before they get better I know that, but how long do you feel worse for? Can anybody tell me their experience of them? As this is what's happened to me, I got so bad I stopped taking them as I wasn't getting any sleep and I couldn't handle the mental side of it. I have 2 children and can't feel like that around them. I. Wish I could go away and take them til I feel better but I can't.

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Hi Reenie

I am useless with meds , not sure how much is in my head or that I just seem to react badly to everything (iam not saying thats you ) but i cant take them

I totally understand as well when you have children you need to be alert & as well as possible as its a big responsibilty

Was it just one you tried as I no lots have had to try several until they find the one that is right for them

If you dont feel meds are for you , there are vitamins that are good for stress etc , quite a few on here use them as an alternative

The other thing & I am waiting for this is some councelling , another way you can go without using meds , if you speak to your GP they can arrange this

Not sure if I have been any help , maybe someone might have more insight that have taken them , as I have only ever managed a couple of weeks at the most

See your GP , tell them how you feel

Let is no how you get on






I am sorry you are having trouble with new tablets I know the feeling.

With me and new anti depressants I found I was a lot worse when I first started taking them ( I take 15mg escitalopram in the morning and 150 mg quetiapine in the evening) my mood just got lower and lower and for a short time within the first couple of week , felt very suidical and everytime I saw my consultant psychiatrist he just told me to have patience and he increased the doses. I must admit during that time I couldn't see the point of taking them as they also make me feel very sick and not really with it.

I have now been taking these new anti depressants since the second week in December ( great timing for my depression to get completely out of hand ) and I am at long last beginning to feel a bit better. It is only know I am beginning to feel more in control of my life I can look back to see I did in fact start to get better after 2 to 3 weeks. The problem is that feeling better is a slow process and in the early days it is hard to see so slight an improvement and it is only when you look back you can really see the change

I am lucky in that my children are almost fully grown ( 19 & 16) so I was able to have the time to start to get better without having to worry about them all of the time.

I have had depression on and off since I was 16, so have done the new tablet thing while they were little too.

All I can say is be prepared when you start taking them, and ask for as much help as you can with child care and start taking them knowing that although you feel worse they will make you better in the long run, you just need to get through the first two weeks and then things should start to improve and you can be the mum you want to be.

Best wishes and good luck

Caroline xxx


Thank you both for replying. I did ask my doctor to phone me which she did, she said to maybe stop taking them and to get in touch with the local community mental health team so I spoke to them and she said to persevere with them! I am hoping to receive some psychotherapy or counseling soon. I must admit I haven't taken any more tablets, I haven't got anyone to look after the children so I don't think I could do it even though I want to. x x


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