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Left arm pain/sensation

Hi, I seem to be in a good place at the moment which is mainly due to not getting anxious about my anxiety symptoms - most of these have now gone for the time being but I have been left with a mild pain in my upper left arm. I've probably had it most of January! It's not constant or causing me much pain but it is nagging away at me. I'm just hoping its just another symptom of GAD but as most of you will relate to I can't help thinking if its heart related! Some reassurance would be great. Many thanks.

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Hi Rebecca! I get this a lot of the time and eventually realized it was because I lay on it sometimes also when I use the lap top the left arm is higher than the right arm. I put a cushion under the left elbow now. All the symptoms of aches and pains can usually be traced back to some sort of tension or " being rigid with tension". When you catch yourself being tense, try some breathing exercises and concentrate on breathing in and out and relax the tension. Sometimes we just get so worried about the explainable aches. Don't worry love, if it was your heart you would have had more warnings by now. If you need to check with your GP I'm sure your mind would be more at rest Love From x Ella x


Hi Rebbecca

Cant add more than ella has said

Check with GP to put your mind at rest , but again I am sure you are ok

Keep posting & get support


whywhy xxx


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