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Developed a fear ??

Hi everyone

I haven't been on for a while! Been stuck in the house due to the servere snow we had!!

I have been feeling down, having a few skipped heartbeats since my meds have been down from 3 to 2 a day....

What I have realised is I have suddenly developed a fear of being on my own, for instance if my husband goes to bed early I can't even stay up by myself! Stupid I know, but I'm terrified something will happen to me... Does anyone elce suffer with this??

Any advice on skipped heartbeats/ this fear would be great fully appreciated

H2b xx

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Yup me too..... Im at my bf for the full week on my own and he works away mon to fri.... so this is day one of my week.... been terrified about it and not done it for ages, but pushed myself a little as I was feeling a little better after finding this site... and Im feeling ok.... my bf lives in a different area so I dont really know anyone here.... ive pushed to get out the back end of the week.... but ive been here all day on my own, not seen a soul but kept myself busy... n hey presto Im ok... will let you know how I am in morning after spending the night alone... so Im just saying yes i totally understand what you mean.... I think the heartbeat thing is normal when reducing meds.... i think its just a side affect, I know I experienced that when reducing... I hope this helps you to know you are perfectly normal!! Much love... xx


Aw thank you Anne, glad I'm not the only one! Feel abit stupid as sometimes he's only upstairs, but I don't feel safe unless I'm around him. Let me know how you get on tonight, although I'm sure you'll be fine ??

Love h2b


Hi H2b32

May be been stuck in the house has not helped your anxiety , I have a fear of going out where as others find it better to be out

Anxiety as said can focus in on different things , this time a fear of been on your own

I used to be like that , but luckily I dont seem to have had that feeling for some years , so it does or can pass , I didnt do anything to make it go , except maybe focusing in on other things instead , which is how anxiety works

By the way you are not stupid

Skipped heart beats are also

anxiety & they are frightening , when they happen , which i have had

Sorry I have not read your previous posts , but maybe going to see your gp to put your mind at rest & see if there is anything they can do to help

Keep on the site & talking , it does help

Sorry if this has not been very helpful , please keep posting dont wait till you feel so bad

Let us no how you go on

whywhy xxx


Thanks whywhy! I've been to gp and all heart tests were fine, just got to have a 24hr moniter! Wish this anxiety would do one!

Love h2b xx


It will do one lol little steps , you will get there , may be once you have had this moniter on , that might help put your mind at ease

Let us no when you have it on & how it goes , I am sure it will all come back fine ;)

whywhy xxx


hi h2b32, I have a fear of being on my own for the same reason. wen my other half used to drive he cud b out all niite and I wud stop at my moms. I used to luv sitting on my own but hes since changed his job. I still get abit of a fear sum days while hes at work but other days im fine. anxiety ay yep it can do one xxx


Thanks donaf, just feels really silly that I can't be left alone! I'm wondering at the moment will this anxiety ever go? Or will I be like this for the rest of my life! I'm a young 32, and am sick of it! I just want to get back to normal and go and do things without feeling like I shouldn't be there, or frightened something will happen to me??

Thanks love h2b xxx


Aw love I know how you feel my hubby is going on holiday without me this year I have photosensitive so can't go in the sun I'm scared of being on my own my kids are grown up and live in different parts of the country my sister will be away for part of the week hubby is away so big challange for me. I have wonderful kids that each want me to stay with them but my son's wife and I get on best when we see little of each other. My daughter works full time so I would be on my own all day I've decided to stick it how at home.

We will have to look at it as a major challange and tell ourselves often that it's ok to be scared but were going to do it anyway. You and I know we have the support of the wonderful understanding people on this site. We'll get through this and over come it.


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