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Hi people! Like a week and a half i really felt better,couse i'm on citalopram 20,it help me a lot. I've been anxious maybe couple of times only,but i discover other problem. I stifle a lot!!!! I had this also before i start using medicines bus now it is even worse! I am fighting for breathe,it feels like something stuck in my neck and this is not the only problem,i'm having a small pains in left side of chest,close to armpit. I did ESG,it was good. I'm seeing my GP today,i''ll tell everything then. Sometimes i feel like my time is on counting,that not much left,this is stupid in my age,i'm 27 only and haven't seen doctor so often like now!

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Glad you have been feeling better , so you can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel

The other problem sounds like anxiety , your ECG'S have been fine , it will be down to feeling anxious

27 i wish i could be that again lol you have plenty of years to look forward to

Listen to what your GP says when it comes to health you have to trust them & they will be right in what they tell you

whywhy xxx


Talked to my GP this afternoon,she said hard breathing and pain in the chest coming from anxiety,even when i feel better,there is some part of anxiety which is going true.

But i feel better anyway,my blood tests are good i just need to change my way to live,have to start learn how to think only good things,because i have 2 wonderful children to take care of :)


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