Panic Disorder and medication

I've just realised I suffer from panic disorder and have started CBT just before Christmas, which I think will help and has a bit already. My therapist is unfortunately away until end of next week. I think taking medication for a short time to calm things down as well as CBT would help, but the thought does scare me somewhat as I tend to react strongly to medication. Has anyone taken medication for a similar thing for a short time as well as therapy and what did they take?

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  • Hi miki

    I have suffered for years & am petrified of meds , but if you look round the site we are not alone on that one !

    I do no you can take meds for a short time & they help loads of people , there are all different ones , your GP would be the best as she knows your medical history to see over this , if you feel this would help , I would pay a visit & ask , you can explain your fear as i no they hear this alot & they might be able to put your mind at ease

    Again different things work for different people , have a good look round on here & you will see what others have took or different ways of dealing with anxiety

    People will give you some good advice on here along with support

    I have a cold with a bannging head this morning so sorry I have not said anything to helpful , but just wanted to say hello & you are not alone


  • Yes, I was on e-citalopom and CBT......


    Problem is with NHS is filling the gap between appointments, so it is a good idea to ask your therapist for advice on reading material.....

    I have seen a few good suggestions on here.....dr claire weeks/ eckhart tolle etc, but feel books are brilliant but a personal choice depending on what "rings your

    Don,t worry about Meds, they don,t have to be forever and most modern antidepressants are non addictive.....

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