For anyone who hates dark info may not be exact....but just before christmas I believe we have the winter solstice....So for anyone who suffers SAD......hurrah, each day after this date, sunset gets 3mins later, thats 21mins/week, thats nearly 90mins a month......its getting lighter each day....hurrah!!

Thats what I tell myself during dark cheers me


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  • That's just how I feel, stde. The word 'solstice' literally means 'the standing of the Sun' and to peoples of ancient times it was a real turning point in the year. A time of hope and joy for the arrival of the New Year. They say that is why Christmas occurs at this time. (Forgive me if you already know this). Perhaps some of us can feel that way even in the midst of our suffering. There is always hope around the corner; hope for a full recovery but I know everyone will not feel like it at the moment. Blessing to all and a happy New Year. Love. jonathan.

  • I thought you meant because of all the rain! :)

  • Amen to that Stde, am counting down to the return of the light. Thanks for reminding me - even when I can't see it little by little it is getting brighter.x

  • I can fully relate to this,around sept it starts,I feel like I am walking into a dark tunnel ,it gets worse and worse until the new year,then I feel myself coming out of mood lifts and I feel joy,this happens every year,Iwonder does everyone feel like this..

  • I do, Mia.x

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