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going to the place I've avoided the most :-)

a week this Friday and I'm poping to the pub with all my mates, it's a pub that gets packed with loud music and open till late. I've decided to pop there with the girls for a few hours. considering I've avoided it since March I know is going to be a big thing for me to overcome. they all know what I've been like since this anxiety and I've explained it to them a lot in the past, so they've said to me in the past when we all go and your ready then come. one of my mates sisters as suffered it, when she knew that I was going thou it she cryed. she saw how low I was, and at the time she was having it again. I'm not drinking as I won't drink when on any kind of tablets but I'm not fussed about drinking anyway. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it, I know there's still a chance I will change my mind but we will see next Friday. xxx

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Good for you love! it's lovely to see how far you have come in a short time really :) I hope you have a really good laugh and enjoy yourself! x Ella x


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