Getting rid of Anxiety. (I'm fighting through this)

Getting rid of Anxiety. (I'm fighting through this)

Hey guys!

I thought I may help you guys a bit, I am a sufferer of Anxiety. But at this very moment in time, I've convinced myself that I am not going to panic and I keep telling myself not to panic. I am really proud of myself, I use to feel light headed in the shower, I use to be afraid of walking down the shop and walking on my own but now when I walk when I tell myself that i'm not going to panic it sinks into my head, not saying my Anxiety is fully gone, but if you train you brain into thinking that you wont panic and you wont have that lightheaded feeling then it will go away in no time.

I know times may seem hard for you, but you're Anxiety can be sorted, and you can do it by yourself, and your a strong person. You don't need to rely on tablets, you don't need to hide yourself away in your house, You're a great person, don't waste your life, you can help yourself! Thank you for listening.

Do you think I should be proud of myself?


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2 Replies

  • Good for you ,I hope it continues--I will add to anyone reading this not to stop taking tablets the minute you think you feel ok---Follow doctors orders, although you are entitled to your say.... good health to everyone..xx

  • I say good for you too Lucy ! Always be proud of yourself for any positive step you take xxx

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