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Do cigarettes cause anxiety?

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I suffer with anxiety but when i have a cigarette i feel worse than i do,does any1 know if its affects anxiety? xx

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Hi. warkie. Like alcohol nicotine is a drug. While it has a calming effect (like any other 'social' drug), it is not really helpful because it is addictive and can certainly damage your health. But if you are a regular smoker then it would not be wise, while in an anxiety state, to try and give it up. Leave that until you feel better, although it really is your decision. It CAN make you feel worse rather than calm but it depends how much you smoke. Any drug is unpredictable and they are best avoided, with the proviso already mentioned. Best wishes. jonathan.

i have felt great all day and i have drove for the first time in a wkmbut now im starting to feel bad again,but im not really panicking about anything could this be because i feel a bit tired? xx

hi, warkie. First i answered your dizziness problem (i thought the ground was moving) under the wrong heading(i put it under feeling bad in the morning). anyway i agree totally with johnathan...... And don,t feel guilty or bad speaking to your doctor about meds. I was on antideppressants and they helped tremendously, and are not addictive. it is not a sign of weakness as you would be surprised who has had them at some point in life no matter what their social standing...... you are doing the right thing--look for help and you will find it, but most off all find someone you can trust and talk-talk -talk----------x p.s. u r not alone x

Thank you for the advice,its really helping as i havent drove for a wk and today i drove so i think im heading in the right direction,i hope xx

negative feelings are only a visitor--you were not born anxious. When you return to calm they will leave. xxx. never be afraid of panic attacks it will just prolong them. Think upon them as a visitor and they will pass.....god bless. Remember this

There horrible things and just cant understand why i have them xx

its a natural body reaction from primitive times when your body prepared for flight or fight. Subconciously its a fear reaction---I knew when i was getting better,when an attack came i used to say to mysefl- "bring it on", and then afterwards say-."is that the best you can do". I can laugh now just as you will some day. x

dont you suffer anymore? ive only ever had 2 bad attacks,its the symtoms i get xx

No, I don,t because through suffering i gained wisdom. For me suffering was a gift to learn what was important in life.......not what people thought......not material items.......I realised that all i probably needed was the love of a good family (3girls) and that my ego was holding me back from peace (image)...that my opinions (which i was always right..ha ha) didn,t really matter to others.......that people can ask for advice but i should not force advice(MY WAY).... and that life was to short to think it was all about was simply to enjoy the passing of time and where possible help others.....................I thought i was a great guy on a pedestal...till my pedestal broke!!!! now i just hope i can be nice.....There is always hope you are not stuck,everyone can change given the right support........wish u well

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Wonderful! I too was knocked off my pedestal by this illness but I do not want to go back up. In suffering we 'redeem' ourselves; we realise what is important and what isn't. I was a self opinionated, egotistical idiot before my illness. The suffering certainly knocked me down a peg or two. Many thanks for your post. Best wishes. jonathan.

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i have read some of your posts and feel that your comments are of a wisdom gained thro, suffering (like me). I can only hope that i too can help others as after having been in a VERY dark place, each day is now a blessing..... Good wishes.

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Hi johnathon are you still on this site

i have alot of support from my friends its just hard at home because my partner doesnt understand what im going through and i think he thinks that im putting it on to try and get out of doing stuff,i love my family and do my best at home but sometimes it doesnt seem to be good enough xx

It is always hard for people who have never suffered to understand..... just as it is hard for a non-smoker to understand why it is hard to stop....( If he smokes tell him to stop now..ha ha..he will understand how it feels to NOT be incontrol). you have to put some time aside to sit down in a relaxed enviroment and ask him to listen while you explain how you feel..tell him you do love him but you want him to try to understand and most important tell him to give you TIME....cause that what it takes to get better....also a good support network is invaluable.........Maybe if you show him this...the fact your trying....will help him understand....x

ive asked him to do lots of things and he just says hes busy,so thats why im on here,its great talking to people that are going through the same as me,i thought it was just me that felt like this,didnt realise how many people suffer with it xx

Maybe he is finding it hard..but thats what partenership is all about, to weather the storm together...... If he is angry or moody about your actions that is because life is not going HIS WAY....i dont mean to be nasty it is just the way we are......I used to also say that (and this applies to both of you) that anger,jealousy,frustration etc are "SPIRITUAL THIEVES" ha ha......meaning they steal a part of your happiness (sometimes people can also be branded this way by their attitude drags you down)........just ask him to help you,ask him to give you time,tell him when you don,t feel like doing something your sorry but it will pass.......C..O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.E.......xxxxxxx

Hiya warkie as a heavy ex smoker I don't think smoking causes anxiety but thinking it it does can do I sometimes wonder if we could stop thinking so much about anxiety would lessen it easier said than done i know . I don't know about you but my anxiety gets worse when my minds going a 100 miles an hour on something so I try to slow it down as best I can or i'me tired also as an ex smoker give you some friendly advice get some help to give up I KNOW it's hard but your health will improve I used patches they take the edge off the withdrawal feelings I started on the high patch went on to the medium patch stayed on them till it didn't feel so bad then just stopped I didn't go to the low patch but whatever helps see you dr I think you get them on prescription Anxietys a bad feeling try and replace it with a good feeling talk to fellow sufferers who will help if they can with advice and reassurance and if youve got an understanding family and friends thats a big help too I wish you the best and happier times. Mel

i feel depressed now someone give me a smoke, didnt you know warkie smoking is the devils work, if you went to the doctors with a splinter they would ask you 'do you smoke' ah well thats it then.

i had to give up a year ago heart problems, but i miss it, loved it, and so want a smoke, just to stand next to someone that has had one, i saw a tramp picking up dog ends and thought lucky bastard, oh the question, dont know but they wonderful little fellas if that helps, best wishes VV

I stopped smoking when I started with chest pain and the anxiety attacks because it made me worse, the anxiety and panic attacks have scared me that much that I just stopped. I'm new to all this like u and I don't know what to do at minute. I like to have a drink but I've been having panic attacks the next day depending on how many drinks I have, i love a drink, my husbands friends laugh because they say I can drink him under table but I've just been limiting myself to a few drinks, going to be hard over Xmas but again the day after is too much to handle and the panic attack is awful. Just doin everything in moderation until I'm all new again. I don't think I would have stopped smoking if it hadnt been for this. I couldn't drive today and I've been in bed all day because I hate feeling dizzy when I walk and I feel so tired. Your replies above are great and it's good to know its just a phase and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel once we've figured it out. Take care xx



Today is the best ive felt for weeks,i said to myself this morning that there is nothing wrong with me and drilled that in my head,when i start to feel dizzy i just try and ignore it and concentrate on something else and it works,i got in my car today for the 1st time in a week and drove to the same place where i had a panick attack while i was driving,it was hard at 1st and started to feel a bit funny but just ignored it.xx

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That's brilliant, I'm feeling more positive today as well, go on us, bloody anxiety can p**s off ;) hope you have a lovely Xmas xx

Warkie, - Yes! Cigarettes contain nicotine which is a stimulant. And stimulants make us more edgy, nervous, and the like. Unfortunately, I have found that if one has been smoking very long, not smoking a cigarette can also cause increased tension ( via the "nic fit"). Also, coffee energy drinks , anything containing caffeine, and some antihistamines will do likewise,

Yes it does like coffee tea and fizzy drinks I smoke aswell and ciggerettes make us feel like we are feeding the urge to relax the anxiety and nervousmess temporary but then after the anxiety levels get raised ... its a short term relief but its a catch 22 situation

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