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What is the best self help for a full time working mum who has very little spare time, suffering anxiety, little ocd & possibly bi polar?

I don't have a lot of money, so can't afford to see a pyschologist. My GP refered me to local mental health clinic, however all the classes are during working hours or can't get child care. I've tried a little online self help (cognitive therapy) which helped for about a couple of weeks, but I really need some long term, on going therapy. Where is best to look/get self help?

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Maybe you could access the help available through this website. I know you can have telephone counselling etc, you need to go to the front page and I think it's under 'get help'. There is a map also and you can put your post code in to find a therapist near you, there is information on prices etc. I believe the rate is cheaper than finding a therapist elsewhere.

Hopefully you will be able to get some useful information.

I haven't used this so not so well informed on it but I'm sure other members have and may be able to give you more help with this.

Nest Wishes PL


Thank you. I will certainly look into this. S x


Some areas have counselling on offer for those on a low income. They are either charities or organisations that receive some kind of subsidy. They often do a sliding scale of charges according to what you can afford.


Thanks, the only problem I find with the local charities is their opening/closing

times. I'm very typical Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, then looking after kids until bed o'clock, so my only free time is weekends. Have you heard of any organisations that are open for help on weekends? S x


The best help you will get which I think will really help you is to read the book "Beyond Prozac" written by Doctor Terry Lynch. He is a GP and qualified psychotherapist and is also trying to make changes in the mental health system. It may change your life and look at everything in a new light. This is an amazing book and you will be enthralled!. Buy it for yourself for christmas and start feeling better.


Thanks. I will definitely try this, I love reading.


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